Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Notes

I found the following TED video on learning to read Chinese to be really interesting.  I should really find more materials on China and get myself to understand more of the largest holders of our nation's debt.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Games, Clothing and a New Painter to Ponder

Game to Play for Android

Hills of Glory: 3D is a game for android phones and tablets that has been highly reviewed.  I plan to give it a try since I am interested in World War II and can afford to waste a little time.

Below is the trailer for the game:

New Clothing
Part of the deal I made with myself a little more than a year ago is that I will purchase a new article of team apparel each time a sports team I follow begins a season.  Now that the Padres have started their 2013 season, I pulled the trigger and purchased a black on black Padres cap.

New Artist
The Brooks Art Museum in Memphis, TN will be hosting an exhibit of Carol Coar's paintings starting at the beginning of June, 2013.  Click here to see for yourself.  I plan to brush up on my knowledge of this painter this weekend.  Below are some of the images she created, which captured my attention:

Here you can view more of the paintings of Carol Coar.

Updated on December 4, 2013: It has come to my attention that a black hat is a term used to connote an individual who is involved in illegal computer activities. I thought I was just posting a photo of a hat.  Opps.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Entertainment Roundup

Ender's Game is an excellent book about a boy who is chosen to be trained as the greatest military commander in the history of the world.  The instructors who monitor Ender's progress refuse to help him.  In fact, they prevent anyone from coming to Ender's rescue when a larger, older boy decides to fight Ender.  Being the total badass that he is, Ender kills the larger boy with his bare hands and comes to the following realization:

Trailers for Current Movies I'm Still Looking Forward to Seeing
  • 42

  • Pain and Gain

  • Mud

  • The Place Beyond the Pines
  • Ender's Game - the trailer is now available and there is an official site up for the movie!!!
  • Spring Breakers


Tom Gauld - His tumblr account is fantastic and his site contains even more good material.

xkcd.com - of course

This weekend I really should
  • Get ahead on a few things for work by putting in about four hours at a desk getting things in line
  • Do all the laundry and find a place to put everything that is clean
  • Box up another set of things in anticipation of moving
  • Clean out the car
  • Enter receipts
  • Troll craigslist for free things

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Sig

Today we celebrate the birthday of Sigmund Freud, one of the forefathers of modern psychiatry and a true legend in the field of dirty old men.  This Mac Daddy, cocaine user managed to turn laying women down on couches into a profession.  For this we... I... at Clean Sheets and Dirty Girls salute you, Sigmund.  

Friday, May 3, 2013

Beach Gear

It's time to get more serious about getting more physical activity during the day.  My job requires me to sit at a desk most of the day.  I try to get up and walk around for an hour during lunch.  Still, I feel I should be getting more exercise and take advantage of living in Southern California.

A few things I should work on having the following things in my car or close to it at all times:

Beach Bag
 Place for keys
 Board shorts
 Mp3 Player: Phone, iPod, etc.

 Workout Bag
 Basketball shoes
 Sweat towel
 Water bottle
 Place for keys, cell phone
 Two sets of workout clothes: shirts, shorts and socks
 Dryer sheet, soap or something else that smells good
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag

 Gardening Supplies Bag
 10 gallon bucket
 Paper bags

sky art interactive sketch
I can't draw very well myself but I do like this type of art: