Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hope Solo

While the U.S. prepares to take on Japan tomorrow in the Women's World Cup Final, I would like to take a moment to introduce Hope Solo, the keeper for the American team and the latest object of my desire.

I only just discovered Hope a few days ago during the American victory over the French women's team.  I managed to save the following screen caps of Hope Solo from the U.S. v. France broadcast, which, sadly, aren't the most flattering:

Pay for high-speed cable internet, get blurry images


"I'm excited too but you don't see me screaming in your ear."

I pulled the rest of these images from the internet:

If you want to go to dinner with me tonight, 
just keep smiling that row of pearly whites.

Great, I'll pick you up around 7 p.m.

She's already into wearing gloves and playing inside a net.
How tough can it be to transition that into handcuffs and ropes?

I certainly hope that if the American women win the World Cup tomorrow, Solo will at least consider celebrating the way Brandi Chastain did when she won the Women's World Cup:

Just a suggestion

TL;DR: Hope Solo, the keeper for the American Women's Soccer (Football for all you non-American folk) Team, caught my eye recently.

Also, if anyone is wondering, I haven't forgotten the third and final Job Interview post, which will be coming up next.


  1. -*-Im watching the finals for sure lol "). That france vs. Usa was epic!

  2. I just did a google image search on her. She's a cute one. Her eyes/smile is what does it. Thanks for introducing her to my perverted mind.

  3. Hottest goalkeeper in the world, surely.

  4. It's not often I find a blog that actually makes me laugh but you've done it. Great find by the way, its not often soccer is fun to watch.

  5. She caught my eye too. Ohboy did she.

  6. Hopefully I'll have the time to watch the finals,

    I've noticed Hope Solo before actually, very pretty!

    Interesting blog, enjoyed reading your content. Followed.

  7. she's cute :) looking forward to part 3 of 3 of the job interview!!

  8. lol I had a similar in 95% to her my gfriend

  9. her name alone reeks of STAR POWER
    you GO girl

  10. What gog said is pretty much how I feel. You go girl!

  11. Nice! Hit me back,

  12. Now feature some of the Japanese players!

  13. Hey, great blog, I just started blogging again and hope you can hit me back!

  14. Between her and Alex Morgan, the team is scorching... shame about losing the final tho :[

  15. The pic with her wearing the '18' blue shirt is a goodie ;>

  16. You have opened my eyes to a new world. Thanks.

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