Friday, May 3, 2013

Beach Gear

It's time to get more serious about getting more physical activity during the day.  My job requires me to sit at a desk most of the day.  I try to get up and walk around for an hour during lunch.  Still, I feel I should be getting more exercise and take advantage of living in Southern California.

A few things I should work on having the following things in my car or close to it at all times:

Beach Bag
 Place for keys
 Board shorts
 Mp3 Player: Phone, iPod, etc.

 Workout Bag
 Basketball shoes
 Sweat towel
 Water bottle
 Place for keys, cell phone
 Two sets of workout clothes: shirts, shorts and socks
 Dryer sheet, soap or something else that smells good
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag
 Workout Bag

 Gardening Supplies Bag
 10 gallon bucket
 Paper bags

sky art interactive sketch
I can't draw very well myself but I do like this type of art:


  1. Workout bags are important.. and trowels

  2. Good idea on getting more physical exercise mate, keep it up buddy.

  3. That's some beautiful art. :)