Saturday, July 13, 2013

Middle Class Economic Might

Amazon Prime

One of the best things about having a job is that all of those little things that I have been putting off purchasing are now things I can more easily justify buying.

This year I bought in to the Amazon Prime thing in order to get free two day shipping on virtually everything that is available on, which is virtually everything that is available for purchase on the planet.  Plus, I get access to the Prime media library, which has been nice since I have cut ties with my cable company as I posted about here (it's funny, you should read it).

A lot of writers have worn the letters off their keyboards describing how awful it is that online retailers are using tracking tools to better understand their consumers.  I say that this process isn't going far enough and that I would like to have more of a say in what goods and services are shown to me when I log in to my account with  Recently, my employer asked me to look up some information on


  1. Yes I can definitely relate to your first paragraph!
    I guess it is a double edged sword.

  2. Did you get distracted or is the post supposed to end mid sentence? I agree, they can target market me all they want. Makes my life easier and it won't cause me to spend needlessly. I think a lot of people are sincerely scared of an oppressive dystopia where machines are our masters.