Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Documentary of Wish Fulfillment

If we could get the internet here I would live here:

Maunsell Forts

Everyone should know of this:

Centralia Pennsylvania

Your face when you discover that pressing Alt + F4 brings up your browser's image cache:

Write: A sory set in 1999 with Limp Bizkit playing in the background

Cool terms: existence in multiple realities, revelation of secret knowledge

It's lame that you have to pay to enter this contest:

Today I read:
George Bronk, 23, was arrested in late October after police found evidence that he'd hacked into more than 3,200 e-mail accounts. He used the same technique that Sarah Palin hacker David Kernell used to break into the former U.S. vice presidential candidate's Yahoo account: He scoured his victims' Facebook accounts for answers to the security questions used by Web-based e-mail services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
Then, posing as his victim, he would claim to have forgotten the account's password and try to answer the security questions that would let him back in. Often, the security questions are easy to guess. The questions Bronk faced asked him things like, "What is your high school mascot?" and "What is your father's middle name?"
Once in, he would change the account password -- locking out his victim -- and search for any racy photographs. If he found any, he posted them to the victim's Facebook profile.
Of the 3,200 accounts he broke into, Bronk found nude or semi-nude photos in 172 of them, prosecutors said.
In one case he persuaded a victim to send him even more explicit photographs by threatening to post the ones he'd stolen if she didn't.
Bronk faces six years in prison on felony hacking, child pornography and identity theft charges. He entered his plea Thursday in Sacramento Superior Court.
"This case highlights the fact that anyone with an email account is vulnerable to identity theft,"California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement.

TL;DR: Maunsell Forts would be an awesome place to live. 

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