Friday, June 10, 2011

California Quirks

California News:

"California merchants may not ask customers who pay with credit cards for their ZIP codes, the California Supreme Court decided" - so why is it that I'm still prompted to enter my zip code before I can purchase gas using the machines at gas stations?

Getting the Numbered Keypad to Work Again:
If you happen to still be using Windows XP and the number pad on your keyboard stops working, instead of getting a hacksaw out and cutting the numbers off of the right side of your keyboard, try this:
  1. Start 
  2. Control Panel 
  3. Accessibility Options 
  4. Mouse 
  5. uncheck "Use MouseKeys" 
  6. Settings 
  7. "Use MouseKeys When NumLock Is:" (select Off) 
  8. Apply 
  9. OK
Then use NumLock to use the number keys.
*If you use an Apple computer, just ask your manservant to throw out your current computer and buy and buy a new one if the number pad stops working.


  1. Thats out of order. Does this mean that with every transaction you make you are giving a total stranger your home address?

  2. Peoples number pads stop working? I have XP and I've never had such a problem. Weird.

  3. and they say that macs have no problems :D

  4. The Farm store in the "big city" we visited yesterday asks for my zip code at checkout. Last time I was there, I gave them my zip for Oak Creek, Arizona which will show up as Sedona. Hope that skews their customer base research.I'll ask my wife, a former postal worker, with a total recall of odd codes-like an island off the coast of Guam, on our next purchase. Good info. on the number key pad problemo. Thanks

  5. It's all about windows, apple for the loose ;)

  6. maybe the gas stations are breaking the law. you should sue :P

  7. My mac didn't come with a manservant, I think i should get a refund

  8. Can't say I've ever run into this issue before, but good tip.

  9. It is also against the law in Cali to give out free diary products.