Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative Arsenal

My Creative Arsenal:

As of today, I use the following pieces of electronics.

The computer on the right is an Asus Eee 1000HE netbook, which I upgraded by adding a 2GB RAM card.  I'm really in love with this relatively inexpensive little computer and would highly recommend the Eee brand to anyone in the market for a new computer.

The iPod is the 80 GB model, which was the top of the line when it was released.  I probably never would have sprung for something so expensive but, incredibly enough, I found this iPod near my garage door early one morning.  The back is really scratched up but it is in perfect working condition.  I never saw any signs posted about a lost iPod and had no idea who to return it to so it became mine a few years ago.  Whoever purchased it originally would have been wise to get it engraved with their name and phone number.  I would have called and arranged for them to pick it up.

The cell phone is the original BlackBerry Storm, which I bought the month it came out.  At the time, I was working in a demanding job and was traveling fairly often for work.  The ability to get my emails and access the internet on the go made my life a lot easier.  I don't work at the same job anymore and to be honest I don't need a smartphone any longer but I still use it.

One of these things is not like the others


The cell phone and the iPod didn't really fit into the
 fingerprint v. no fingerprint classification system

These are some of the pieces of technology I own that make me productive.  The gloves are there only because  it happened to be snowing heavily when I took this photo in February, 2011.

Thoughts on Updating:

I really hope that Asus continues to make the screens on their Eee line larger.  I go though laptops quicker than most since I use them all the time at home and I bring mine with me whenever I travel.  When I replace this computer I hope there is an Eee with a solid state hard drive and a screen that measures 12"+ available.

The BlackBerry Storm isn't bad but the lack of WiFi, lack of ability to tether and the far better collection of apps available for the iPhone and Android based phones have me thinking about trading it up for something more cutting edge or scaling back the monthly payment and opting for a pricing plan that doesn't include internet access.  I'll weigh the options between an Android phone, iPhone and a basic cell phone in a future post.

The functionality of my iPod is already built into my BlackBerry Storm.  In fact, the only reason I use this iPod is because the battery on my phone is starting to go and I can use it longer if I don't use it to play music.


  1. I've had an Eee for what, 3 years now I think. I've used it just about every day for quite a few hours, and only these last couple of months has the battery decided to start dying. The rest of it is in such good condition that if it dies on me soon, I'm getting the same one. Perfect for what I use it, at least. And yes, the screen can get a little annoying sometimes, 12" would be amazing but I think for what they want to achieve, maybe a little unrealistic.

    I'd love to have an 80gb ipod decide to find me and allow me to be its owner.

    I need an update from my cell phone too. Mine doesn't support texts. TEXTS.

  2. those are some high tech folves right there. :)

  3. I still use my 120 gig iPod classic. Love that thing.

  4. I got the 8 gig iPod Mini -the little silver brick - when it came out. It still works like a charm, but I now have over 115 gigs of just music so I re-gifted it to my mom and upgraded to the largest Zune they make. I hope the Zune lasts as long as that immortal little brickPod.