Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun with Software

Currently, one of my favorite computer programs is Belvedere, which you can download here.
I should want to take Mr. Belvedere out to a nice dinner.
I shouldn't want to cut up Mr. Belvedere and serve him for dinner.
Sometimes Saturday Night Live is just bizarre
but Phil Hartman was always funny.

This elegant piece of software keeps my desktop tidy because I setup a rule inside of it that automatically sweeps everything that hasn't been modified in the last three hours off my desktop and into a folder titled "00_Inbox", which is itself inside a folder that is automatically backed up to an external hard drive.  From the 00_Inbox folder I can manage the material, much like one's impulses must be managed:

TL;DR: Things get bizarre when I present both the strange Saturday Night Live sketch about a support group for people that want to violently harm Mr. Belvedere and a computer program called Belvedere, which I use to keep the files that exist inside my computer tidy.  

All you need to know is that Belvedere is a solid piece of software for organizing your hard drive(s).

Update 2/28/12: I updated the link to the Lifehacker website where the Belvedere software care be found.


  1. I know people who could really use something like that. I'd rather handle things manually myself, go through all the trouble and make sure it's done how I like it, etc.

  2. interesting tool. The TV show Mr Belvedere. sucks

  3. Belvedere overload. I haven't thought about that show in forever too!

  4. Heh, your 'tl;dr' was almost as long as the rest, but most amusing.

  5. Wow I like this, might have to try it out.

  6. My desktop is like, completely covered with different folders and pics :/ Think I may download this.

    And in reply to your comment: no evidence, per se, but i'm sure if one looked, one would find it -- and besides, one only needs to look at other countries where similar things have happened to get an idea of what Libya's future will be; I doubt (although I could be mistaken) that they will be the exception. As I said, we'll see what happens to the country in the future, whether we like it or not.

  7. All I know about Belvedere is that it makes for a refreshing martini.