Monday, September 19, 2011

It Be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Matey!

Story Time:

During my days as an undergraduate, I was involved in the sport of rowing.  In order to get a jump on the competition, one of the other guys from the crew and I checked a boat out from the dockmaster at the boathouse before organized practices began.  At least we tried to check out a boat when the dockmaster interrupted us with a hearty "Arr, yee be wantin' a boat do yee?"

The eye patch let me know that the dockmaster 
took his pirate talk seriously

"Hmm, yes?" the rower I was with replied with a confused look on his face.

"It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, it is" replied the dockmaster who had evidently been spending too much time at the boathouse.

"OK, well we just want to check out a pair to row in the marina for about an ho-"

A little waving of a plastic saber from the crazed dockmaster cut off my partner and gave me the idea that this was not going to be settled in regular English.  "We been needin' a schiff for my matey and I to paddle 'round these waters for about a one and a half turns of the hourglass" I offered.  A moment later we made our marks in the log book and were in possession of a boat to row.

Anyway, in honor of today being International Talk Like a Pirate Day I present the breakfast of pirates, which comes from here:

Man the crow's nest!
Let down those top sails!
Fry the Jolly Roger!


  1. well blow me down and baton down my hatches

  2. Uhm. Okay, I can do this.


    Anyway, I wish I had stories like that. i have my share of stories but not any where I had to pretend to be different for someone in order to get something done. That just sounds like fun.

  3. Arrrr, first rate post me matey. Now it's off to the rum room to fetch me some scurvy.

  4. arrrrrrrrr, baaacccccooooonnn!!!!!

  5. Nice breakfast matey, it better taste good or yall walk the plank.

  6. amazing stuff : D
    but im wondering how he made this yolks in this shape without cutting them

  7. very nice photo i love baaccooon mmm

  8. That is an AMAZING pirate breakfast. Matey.