Friday, June 29, 2012

Future Game and a Game for this Weekend

A Free Experience for the Weekend
Right now, you can visit to experience what Hollywood has to offer online when hyping what Sony hopes will be a summer blockbuster.  As a small time web content producer myself, I would like to see more Hollywood money flowing to web developers and I am pleased to report that they seem to be spending some money on the marketing of Total Recall.  Plus, the link is worth visiting because the actress they hired for the site is hot.

A Free Demo Game for this Weekend
From the drugged out minds at Amanita Games in the Czech Republic who brought Samorost, Samorost 2 and, my personal favorite, Machinarium into the world, comes Botanicula, their latest game.  

I Can't be the Only One Thinking of Uvula

I played the demo of this point-and-click game for a little while on Wednesday.  The only problem I have found with it is that there seems to be too many areas to explore and no real direction for the user to take but since I know the producers have made engaging games in the past, I'm willing to keep at it.  I will be exploring the free demo further this weekend.  You should think about doing the same.  Here is the link.  I was a little disappointed by this experience.

Future Games
In 2014, we finally get a college football playoff!  It's only four teams, so there will be plenty of people bitching about the teams that don't make the cut but at least it's a step in the right direction.
Kickoff, Soon

Quote of the Week (Perhaps the Only Time this Feature Runs)


  1. This game sounds pretty cool dude. I reckon I'm going to have a very lazy weekend so playing this demo is a huge possibility that I'll keep in mind, thanks for sharing man.

  2. Game sounds very good. I love being introduced to new things, and new
    games are always fun, for at least a minute or two. I Will try it out once i am
    home .

  3. That looks like upside picture of taste buds enlarged or like Lorax movie one. Me not that into video games

  4. I just wish Hollywood would keep their money out of elected officials back pockets. Other pockets too for that matter.