Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michelle Jenneke

In honor of the Olympics, which are currently taking place in London, Clean Sheets and Dirty Girls presents  the lovely hurdler Michelle Jenneke: 

Hi, Everybody!

So Michelle, I hear you dance before you race.  
Any chance you want to do that dance right now?

C'mon, you know you want to.

We're off to a good start.

Wow, there's even a little hop at the end of your dance- cute.

Someone should tell her to get down from there.

If you're going to draw attention to yourself, you better be good
at what you do...

...because people will judge you if you fail just like it appears 
that girl in the green shirt on the left is doing at this moment.  
So, Michelle, are you any good?

(Security guard enjoying his view of the starting line)

Not bad for Michelle so far

Especially since this is clearly not easy to do

But it looks like...

 ...she's pretty good at this.

If you hit the hurdle button this early in the second 
level of Contra, your guy would be flashing right now.

Anybody here?

Guess not


Victory Lap!!

She's attractive even when she's blurry.

C'mon scientists, you're telling me that we can put a guy on the 
Moon but we can't make shorts that don't ride up?  



Looks like we're at the end *wink*

Finally, here is the entire video of Michelle Jenneke's
dance and race set to creepy strip club music


  1. I haven't watched the Olympics, but those bodies are great inspiration to hit the gym tomorrow.. lol

  2. Um, this has reminded me, um, I've forgotten what I was going to say now, she's insane looking, and she's actually good at the sport too, I don't know, I need a lie down!

  3. Yay for hugs :) and good sportsmanship I suppose. If she's going to be drawing attention to herself then yeah it's good she's good at what she does. That security guard seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much too.

  4. She does Australia proud...and is a delightful eye full, too.

  5. I didn't think it was possible for hurdles to give me an erection. Guess who's going to start watching the Olympics???

  6. I had no idea she was so cute. All of a sudden, a poop is given.

  7. Pssh I could do those hurdles with my eyes closed..................
    And, you were right, that music is very creepy >.<

  8. She isn't at the Olympics, but I'll let this slide because she's so cute.

  9. She is definitely going to have Wheaties beating down her door to let them put her on their cereal box of champions.

  10. I think I'm going to trade my beach volleyball tickets to see her instead

  11. Hahah she is SLAMMIN. I better not let Boyfriend see her.