Friday, July 13, 2012

Throw It Out

Think About Throwing Out Some Clothes

Protip: After washing your clothing several times it will become thinner and, possibly, even see through.  The stuff that collects in the lint trap of your dryer is material that came off your clothing. 

Ladies (and guys too, I shudder to think) if you have spandex outer wear that you have been wearing for years, it might be time to think about tossing it out.  Last Saturday morning, as I was sitting in Starbucks reading the news and writing, a group of women walked in after what could only be the end of a nearby exercise class.   One woman was wearing a matching purple tank top and shorts both made from spandex that left the white triangle of her thong very obviously visible through both the shorts and the bottom of the tank top, which was pulled down over her shorts. I wonder what the people facing the front of her outfit saw.

Getting Thrown Out of Congress

Thad McCotter joins Pluto on the list of things who have been kicked out of the cool kids club.

Technically, Thad McCotter retired but it's fairly clear that had he not given up his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, he would have been thrown out of Congress because he did not actually meet the requirements to hold the office.  The New York Times reports that "1,563 of the 1,830 signatures he turned in to get his name on the primary ballot were found to be fraudulent.  Only 1,000 were required."   The full New York Times story is here.  I wrote about just how inept Newt Gingrich was for not submitting enough valid signatures to get on the Republican Primary in Virginia here.  


  1. That outfit sounds insane man, I'm so glad that I never had to see it haha, great post all the same though buddy.

  2. I think it's quite fair that the politician would have been kicked out. To fake signatures like that is definitely grounds to do it. As for the outfit, yeah there's a time when you want to get rid of the outfit. Or at least wear decent underwear.

  3. Just, thank George Carlin you survived that outfit. It's like Medusa's look, man. One shot, and BANG!

    'Cool kids club'. Yeah right.

  4. yes, throw them at congress!!!

  5. Lol spandex. Over the course of a few years, having that happen to a t-shirt is the most amazing thing ever. For spandex it.. it should really be embarrassing.

  6. lol, the see through Spandex would have probably been the highlight of my day.

  7. such good info here, my spandex are on right now :D

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  8. Thad thrown out, and nothing of value was lost

  9. There are lots of good reasons to ridicule Gingrich but that doesn't change the fact that he has an enormous melon head.

  10. I learned to throw away spandex the hard way. I won't explain. No reason to give you nightmares.

  11. I often wonder if people look in the mirror before they leave the house. Judging by my last trip to Walmart... no, no they don't.

  12. hahaha. I giggled at all these fashion faux pas please dont try to fix it, then I wouldnt have anything to console myself with. I see this thong peeping and popping out in many cases, sometimes I had even tried to close my kid's eyes, he likes pink color and this woman's thong got his attention.

    One time, you wont believe I saw so many raw vaginas just sitting in one place as if I entered into champagne room in gentleman's club.
    Wear your underwear then bend down.
    Wear your underwear and then remove the towel or wrap or sarong or whatever.
    Bikini, thong doesnt matter, got to cover the main area. if not , what's the point?