Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art of Dan Mountford

Current Artists: I just discovered an artist whose works I enjoy.  His name is Dan Mountford.  His Flickr stream is here.  His online store where you can buy the print of the girl in either color as shown or black and white is here.  Below are two examples of his work:

Image Creation: Using textures in a similar way could yield interesting results, I think.  Perhaps one could use other body parts doing something, i.e. drinking from a glass, holding something, or use objects other than people such as trees, buildings, etc. and combine these with textures from www.bittbox.com.


  1. Interesting stuff. And, I've got fairly obscure tastes when it comes to art. :P

  2. beautiful! thanks for sharing these. :D

  3. the first one looks really cool, gonna check out the other ones too.