Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Decor

Home Decor:
In my kitchen I have space above the built-in cabinets which is mostly empty. One of the people I live with found a black metal birdcage, which take up about 20%ish of the space available.  Here is a terribly grainy photo of the space:

Not the most inspiring thing to look at

I'm thinking about including one or more of the following to fill up the rest of the space:
  • Large wooden letters spelling out "Create", "Dream", "Imagine", "Conquer" or something else.
  • Chalkboard made of plywood covered in store bought chalkboard paint
  • Vintage Scales
  • Clear Glass Things
  • Long slender oil painting and a clock next to it. 
  • Graphic print fabric mounted on a board
  • Pitchers
  • Globe
  • A row of books of the same color
  • Small scale chairs or bikes in black metal 
  • Vintage signage
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Large black and white photo

Portable Chalkboard Building Instructions:

  • Cut a thin piece of plywood to fit inside a picture frame.  
  • Paint one side of the plywood with chalkboard paint.
  • Remove the glass from the frame and slip the homemade chalkboard inside.
  • Enjoy your analog iPad.

Note: chalkboard paint - should be about $15 per quart.

If any internet denizens have strong feelings I will try to make it happen and will post photos of the results. I make no promises as I want to keep the costs of this project down to a minimum and will have to rely on what home improvement stores and thrift shops have to offer.

Perhaps I could use the extra chalkboard paint to create something similar to this:
With a magnet glued to the back it could hang on the fridge

TL;DR: Just random thoughts on home decor and directions for making a portable chalkboard.


  1. So many possibilities.... Looks like that lil space you have there has a lot of potential. =]

  2. I rent at the moment so my options are limited:)

  3. good blog, I wait for next post

    + follower:)

  4. you've got a great imagination for home decor. :)

  5. I would just throw a pillow up there, and refer to it as your 'loft' space when people come over.

  6. good post!

  7. what about a giant sword to fit in the empty space?

  8. That looks interesting. If only I weren't blessed with two left hands :(