Sunday, February 19, 2012

Internet Video That's Worth Watching

Entertainment List

Internet video has, along with music, become one of my two favorite sections of the Entertainment List I keep.  One of the sources of quality internet based video is, which of course is also well known for their humorous writing and images.  Here is one video I came across recently, which I think is worth watching:

Urban Wolf

Someday I'll get around to publishing my entire Entertainment List on this site.  In the meantime, if you haven't already here is your chance to get yourself hooked on Urban Wolf:

I Approve of All 15 of The Urban Wolf Videos

Natalie Portman Gets an Oscar and This Girl Gets a Video on YouTube

Somewhere the author of Freakonomics could very well be writing an additional chapter for the next edition of his book by comparing the relative levels of income to the dancing ability of Natalie Portman and the woman in the following video:

American Cheerleaders Have Nothing on This Girl

I've been to several renditions of The Nutcracker but I've never seen a ballet performance as spectacular as the one this woman gives us.


  1. Love the last video so much man, you're right that this girl is such a talent!

  2. Cracked are pretty damn cool. I loved the video where they revealed Justin Bieber is just some really old pedo in makeup.

  3. I don't think I get the first video...

  4. Swan Lake is so amazing. I loved the Black Swan movie.

  5. That's not ballet. That's Cirque de Soleil.

    I mean, what the unholy fuck went down there! That was awesome and amazing but...I dunno, maybe I'm just no that much of an aficionado that I can spot every perfect moment and imperfection of a ballet recital?

    I think it's the whole strong man moving about ungainly while a flexible woman does ballet on top of his head. Bah, what do I know, I'm a friggin' layman about these things...still good stuff~!

  6. Nice video, thanks for sharing, I had a few laughs :)

  7. There are so many videos not worth watching on the internet, glad to watch a few that are! Hope to hear back from you soon and then I will definitely follow and be tuning in! :D

  8. that vid explains so much...and most of my early 20's dating life

  9. those girls running down the hall, pixie or not....cuties all of em.

  10. oh my. She has "no strings attached". How the hell on earth was she able to balance on that guy's shoulders? This lady for sure has defined gravity for sure.