Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Remember of the Super Bowl

What I Remember of the Super Bowl: Adriana Lima

She did not just one, but two Super Bowl ads in which she plays the role she was born to portray: a scorching hot woman.

I have no idea what product the advertisers who featured Adriana in the first of two ads featuring her are trying to sell.  Based on the photos all I can guess is that Ms. Lima was showing women everywhere how to look incredibly beautiful.  First, Adriana shows women the proper way to get dressed:

 A Lot of People Would Dress Before 
Being Filmed for an Appearance on National TV

Not That I'm Complaining.  
Seriously, Adriana, Take Your Time Getting Ready.

Gorgeous- Now if Only There Was a Way We Could See More of Your Chest

Adriana Lima also starred in another ad that ran during the Super Bowl for some other product I can't remember.  What did stick with me after watching these ads is just how hot Adriana Lima looks. 

That Will Do Nicely

Note to Self: Visit More Speedways

Apparently, Ms. Lima's prior work includes modeling for Victoria's Secret.  Further investigation into her past may be necessary.

My quest to find a woman with less than 18% body fat and a post-graduate science degree continues.

What I Remember of the Super Bowl: Madonna

I've never been so upset with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson more than when this year's halftime entertainment, Madonna, took to the stage.  Madonna released her first album in 1983 took to the stage and began belting out "Vogue", her hit song, which was released 22 years ago.  

I don't hate Madonna.  I don't have another performer in mind that would do a better job headlining the Super Bowl halftime show.  What I do have is a desire not to have to justify why I enjoy the NFL to the people I interact with in real life.  Madonna, who didn't have enough breath in her lungs to sing all the words in her own songs, isn't helping me in this respect. 

What I Remember of the Super Bowl: Slacklining

Also during the halftime show a goofy looking guy bounced around on a loose tight rope, which I had to look up so as to avoid using an oxymoron when describing it.  Apparently, the name of the activity he was participating in is known as "Slacklining", which looks like a gymnastics event that is some sort of weird cross between the balance beam and the trampoline.  

There is a head slappingly dumb name for the character the guy bouncing around on the rope chose for himself.  According to this article, "His curly-haired, toga-wearing character was supposed to be a combination of Caesar and Socrates, the father of the philosophy of slacklining known as Slackrates, Lewis said. Or at least that was the plan."  Yes, you read that correctly, he went with the name "Slackrates".  We are all now dumber for having experienced this.


  1. That girl is gorgeous. I didn't watch Super Bowl and from this post I am convinced that I am not missing anything but I love MIA, so missed flip the birdie.

  2. Adriana Lima is probably one of the hottest chicks out there, a true beauty in my opinion, what a real woman should look like and so on haha. Glad you enjoyed your slightly blurry sounding Super Bowl buddy.

  3. Adriana looks like a younger version of Sofia Vergara, in my opinion.

  4. That girl is hot! Real hot! Aside from the game itself, she is the only other thing I remember from the super bowl. I don't care for the halftime shows. I'm watching football damn it! So what the the hell does madonna have to do with it? I go from watching a physical, kick some ass, battle on the field, man's type of sport and now some diva is prancing about on the stage? WTF!

    If there must be a musical act during halftime, at least make it something that is a little more relevant to football...something that is gonna fire you up! Something hard and the game of football! Not some old woman all dressed up and singing her girly bullshit!

    I vote Metallica to do next year's show...maybe some Slayer or Megadeth. No hip hop girly shit! Inappropriate for football!

  5. Must agree with you that creative and sexy advertising is fun to watch, but kinda leaves me blank on what I was supposed to buy from the ad. Oh well, a good laugh is all I really wanted from the super bowl anyway.

  6. I have no idea what that woman is trying to sell either but she can sell it to me.

  7. I feel both good and bad that I didn't watch the superbowl now. On one hand, that Adriana Lima.. but on the other, Madonna? Slackrates?

  8. She is hot....and just for that can take as long as she needs to get ready. As for the superbowl I had no idea a 60 minute game could take soooo long. But it was entertaining.

  9. Give me my five minutes back GIVE ME MY FIVE MINUTES BACK SLACKRATES!




  10. I thought the chick in the FIAT commercial was hotter

  11. I remember seeing her awesome shoots in the VS catalogs since I was in middle school. And that was an awfully long time ago. I don't really get them anymore, but I see the ads from time to time. I doesn't surprise to see her in non-VS ads, it was only about a decade ago where she dethroned Klum and Banks as the top models. She's still hot though.

  12. The advertising business has always baffled me. Like say I see an ad for State Farm I think BORING and ignore it. Then say I see a really interesting looking ad online, and I click through it and it turns out to be for State Farm Insurance, so I say BORING and then go back to my business. As for the much ballyhooed Super Bowl Ads, you don't even remember what Adriana Lima was advertising... I said it before and I'll say it again...advertising just does NOT work. Or maybe it does... I'm not sure.

    And oh yeah...what is the deal with Madonna.. Did she just come out from the underground lair she was hiding in and say, "Hey, I would like to be on the Super Bowl halftime show", and then everyone instantly complies with her wishes. I don't see what she has done recently to be given such a coveted stage.

  13. I missed this commercial, loved the "visit more speedways" line tho!

    I remember that Madonna had a lock of hair sticking out the front of her dress after the last costume change. She looked like she was seconds away from changing into the wolfman. Of course, I say this and duck as she's obviously in good enough shape to kick all our asses.

  14. There was this football game interrupting my sexy commercials. Awesome blog. Subscribed.

  15. I had to work, so i missed all the commercials this year. Saw the end of the game though.

  16. Yes she looks hot.

  17. I don't hate Madonna either, but I agree with you. The halftime show would have been much better with a contemporary pop star headlining. Even though most of them suck, anyways. Still beats watching a zombie in a headdress hobbling around. At least she didn't break out the bosom cones.

  18. I don't remember getting to see those ads, so thanks for the stills. I did spy Madonna doing a little lip syncing. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who caught it.