Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love is in the Air Part 2

Something Borrowed

Anna Silk, the actress who plays the protagonist on the TV show Lost Girl on the SyFy channel, is the latest unattainable female to become the fixation of my romantic desires.  I'm listing Anna under the borrowed category because her character, Bo, is a succubus who borrows (OK, steals) the energy of the living.

 The Beautiful Anna Silk

The Boobtacular Anna Silk

Is it possible for a still image to suffer a wardrobe malfunction?

  Getting Closer

Here is the link to the official Lost Girl sub-domain on the SyFy Channel site.

Something Blue

Ksenia Solo finds herself in a tie with Anna Silk for the highly coveted role of being the latest female celebrity to capture my attention.

Ksenia has the kind of clear blue eyes that remind me of the ocean water in Cancun, the pleasing hues of Edvard Munch's "Starry Night" and the color of the water in Crater Lake.  Her beauty is the kind that makes otherwise rational men compose sonnets.  Were she to be kidnapped and held captive on an island more than a 1,000 ships would be launched to bring her home safely.  Ksenia is more than just a pretty face.  Unlike other female starlettes, who will remain nameless here, Ksenia is both strikingly beautiful and capable to delivering her lines with confidence and, when called for, the type of comedic timing and tone that seem to be drawn from a depth of experience beyond her years.  In short, Ksenia deserves to be included in the something blue category because of her eye color.   

The Lovely Ksenia Solo

"She has Beautiful Eyes and Her Hair Smells Like Cinnamon!"

Ladies, Please Note That the Arm Band Adds a 1/2 Point 
to Her Hotness on the Standard 1-10 Scale

The Full Length Gloves Also Add a 1/2 Point
Wearing Both at the Same Time Will Not Add a Full Point

Does the Bottom of that Dress Have to be Laced Up?
I'm Sure it Would Look Fine Without the Sides. 
I became convinced that the point of the show Lost Girl is for Anna Silk's character to show as much cleavage as possible while hooking up with as many people, both guys and girls, as possible.  Ksenia Solo's character seems intent on helping Anna with this mission.  I have no complaints about this premise.

After watching an episode and a half, I had to look up the plot of Lost Girl.  As it turns out, I wasn't missing much of the premise.  Anna Silk's character is a succubus, a supernatural creature that sucks the life out of the living, which, luckily enough for us viewers, is best done through physical contact.  I'm still not exactly sure what Ksenia Solo's character does other than look sexy- a role which she seems to have been born to play.

It's a Happy Day

Super Bowl 46 is today!  I don't have an interest in either the Patriots or the Giants so I will be rooting for a close, high-scoring game and funny commercials.

Not only is today a good day because we get to watch the game but it also means that my "wardrobe malfunction" comment above isn't horribly dated, it's actually timely since that phrase originated from a halftime incident that took place during Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Girl Scout Cookies

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere today, it's worth mentioning that this is also Girl Scout Cookie time!  Parents and daughters please note that I will not be answering the door during the game today.

TL;DR: Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo, the stars of the series Lost Girl, are smoking hot.


  1. Hawt. I haven't seen either one before but I'm giving a slight edge to the Ksenia girl

  2. Wow man, Anna Silk looks so damn hot as does the other chick. I want to watch Lost Girl now so badly.

  3. I'm perfectly okay with the ladies you put up here. Now if only I watched what they were in...

  4. hmm i have never heard about this before but now i am suddenly interested :p

  5. Hmmmm.

    ....yeap. You have good taste in celebrity women, my good man!

    Thank you very much for pointing out these fine beacons of light in a sea of unattainably beautiful wimmenz!

  6. So much boobs. That's about all there really is to say. I'm not watching the bowl and I haven't seen that show.

  7. Ksenia is so different looking that she may be an alien from another planet. The planet of hotties. I'm sure there's one in a nearby galaxy.

  8. dear LAWD both of these women are smoking. #2, Solo, man...her eyes.

  9. Mother of god... Who is this Anna Silk and why haven't I heard of her before??

  10. why have i not heard of these women before... /drool
    Ksenia Solo is fit

  11. Wow they're somking hot indeed :) but never heard of em before

  12. I've never heard of this show, but it sounds cool. And wow! Those eyes!

  13. Great sounding show ...and my god how hot is she?

  14. I'm not a TV watcher really, but I may have to rethink my position...

  15. I like how you go on about these rather attractive women for a long while, then you end with a silly comment on the girl scout cookies. you just so silly!

  16. You want beauty? Take a look at the hotties from Legend of the Seeker. Total lady boner for me.

  17. following,, if only for the most excellent blog name. i like yr taste.

  18. Lost Girl. Isn't that a Canadian show? Canadian television generally sucks so is that an exception?

  19. ok i'm following :D
    MMB is back by the way:

  20. Seems like you're giving this Ksenia chick a lot of credit for not being a total dumbass, but then again I don't blame you since so many other actresses of her caliber of hotness are. Also I've never seen the show and she could be the next Audrey Hepburn for all I know.

  21. Well, I would comment on the "hotness" of these actresses, but I instead I will just paraphrase a David Brinkley essay from 80's "as I get older, I find I've lost faith in a good many things - country, family, religion, the love of a man for a woman.. I've reached a point where it's struggle to get up in the morning, to continue to plow to a dreary, nasty, brutal life.. of terrible desperation.. at the end of which we're all just food for maggots!"

  22. nice post.. i tagged you in my challenge

  23. Hey thansk for the interest! just started following your blog!

  24. While I agree that Ksenia is striking, I think she needs to eat something ;)