Monday, May 21, 2012


One month from today on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, the Summer Solstice will occur.  If you don't have a plan to beat the heat yet, now seems like a good time to think about doing so.

My initial though is to hire women to fan me while wearing swim suits but, unfortunately, this is not practical from a financial point of view.

Air conditioning is cool (hilarious, right!?!) but it takes a lot of energy and energy is expensive in California.

Fans are a really good solution to managing high temperatures.  I've spent hours with my nose in home furnishing magazines recently and it seems that big faced silver/ nickel colored metal fans enclosed in matching metal wire enclosures seem to be popular these days.

If you could find such a fan with working motor, you could build your own stand for it to make a fancy floor fan. 

Here is an example of the type of fan I'm talking about, which happens to be done in brass instead of nickel/ silver:

Also, birdcages seem  to take up a lot of background space in home furnishing publications.

This post sort of relates to an earlier post about clocks, which can be viewed online here.


  1. Unfortunately in this country for most of Summer we really don't need to worry about being too warm, I'm pretty jealous of you wherever you're at buddy.

  2. I would go for ceiling fan one if at all, did you see Dyson fan? 350$ or something why would anyone go for that instead of AC for that price?

  3. I'll just spend it all at a beach. Sounds about right, yeah.

  4. Usually I'm at the Glastonbury festival for the solstice...
    As for fans the geek in me would want a Dyson fan.

  5. Its already hot here in California...

  6. I am thinking I will just eat ice cream for three months.

  7. I keep wanting to make an energy pad that you can jump on to cool you, but that would just break you out in a sweat. It's a good thing that I'm not an inventor.

  8. If you got a mail order bride from some poor country you could get them to fan you! (but you'd also have to feed them!)