Saturday, May 19, 2012

Future World Interests

Today I try to predict the future.  Certain places will enter the thoughts of many people around the world as they become featured on international television broadcasts.

Some people who live in these cities will be able to turn a nice profit by increasing the price they charge for motel and apartment rentals, transportation, etc.  Those of us who do not live in these cities should be able to profit from the attention these cities will draw in some way.  I'm not exactly sure how.  My guess is that one could write and publish information on these cities.  Content providers should be hungry for stories about the culture and people who inhabit these cities.  In the weeks leading up to the major sporting events that are due to take place in these cities I expect there will be significant spikes in the amount of internet traffic driven to sites that provide useful information to tourists interested in visiting these cities.

If it were me, I would want information written by someone from the country I live in who actually takes the time to visit the city s/he is writing about.  It would certainly help if that person were a talented writer either working with a photographer or someone who is a talented photographer or videographer themselves. 

World Affairs:

A mulitlinguage young man named xxx xxx Henry left his comfortable East Coast life to travel on board a ship bound for West Coast of North America by way of Cape Horn.  Wishing to share his experiences with others he kept a diary of his travels and after the voyage took the time to translate those notes into a book that relates his experience of the voyage.  Not long after a man named xxx found gold at an old saw mill.  All of a sudden men decided to pack themselves in ships to take a similar journey.  In planning for the trip they needed some reliable information that might help them to prepare for the journey and give them some information on what they might expect to find in California.  They tuned to Henry's famous book, Two Years Before the Mast because it was virutally the only book written on the subject and Henry had written about the journey with clarity and masterful detail.  

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Today we are awash in information.  I would be surprised if there are any locations around the world where you might find yourself without  

If you're going to pick a place to focus your energy on studying or learning more about I think it's safe to assume that China might be a really good place to start researching.  If you're not into China, you might think about researching and writing about the cities where the upcoming Olympic games are to be held:
2012 - London, England, Summer Games
2014 - Sochi, Russia, Winter Games
2016 - Rio de Janeiro, Summer Games

Also of note are the cities in which the World Cup will hold its matches.  They are:
2014 - Rio de Janeiro
I would assume that the newspapers of those cities would print valuable information about the people living in those cities and the affect that the Olympics are having on them.


  1. Well there is going to be a lot written about London because of the Olympics and people are probably taking a much more vested interest now. As long as they avoid the summer riots of last year, they should be fine.

  2. Amazingly interesting stuff buddy, thanks for sharing this.

  3. I'll be watching the World Cup

  4. I can't wait for the Olympics I get to work from home for 3 weeks :)

  5. PFFFFT, Olympics.

    Make 'em naked again, and I'll care. :/

  6. The Olympics, another thing the whole world cares about and in the US its just "meh" - thanks for the post
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