Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Job Hunt

As I send out stacks of resumes, I often listen to music.  I also read the news.  Somehow I think that trying to find a job that I can be proud to describe to anyone who asks what I do might not be the path to home ownership and financial security I had envisioned.

"You Lie,

The job market is tough enough even without people like Scott Thompson resorting to lying to get ahead.  Not only should he be fired but to my way of thinking there should be criminal charges brought against him if the allegation that he did not double major at Stonehill College but instead only earned a single degree proven true. Here is the source.

If Scott can talk his way out of this one, his contact with Yahoo puts him on track to earn $27 million this year according to this article.

Total take for lying = $27 million

Solution to fix this = expand the rules on white collar crime to include lying on your resume and actually enforce them by forcing people who do so to forfeit all of the money they earned from the company they lied to!


When it is reported in an American newspaper that some of the best counterfeit money printing houses are producing phony Euros in Italy some would react to the news with mild voyeuristic curiosity about the illegal doings of a small group of criminals halfway around the world.  I on the other hand see it as yet another industry in which American manufacturing and craftsmanship is eroding.

Total take for cheating = "550,000 to 800,000 fake euro notes pulled from circulation annually by European central banks", which could be $528 million if they were all the 500 euro notes that are worth about $660.

Solution to fix this = I don't know, it's Italy's problem.

And Steal"

Apparently a couple of Cubans managed to steal tens of millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs from an Eli Lilly manufacturing facility.

While meddling kids had nothing to do with it, they would have gotten away with it to if it wasn't for the fact that one of them left his fingerprint on a bottle of water left at the scene of the crime.  Also, apparently Home Depot is in the snitching business because they are reported in this article as noticing that a suspicious combination of tools (cutting saws, ropes, ski masks, bags with dollar signs on the sides???) was purchased at one of their stores before the crime.

Total take for stealing = $80 million

Solution to fix this = stop charging so much money for prescription drugs and end the medical/ pharmaceutical complex.


  1. This is interesting stuff, I'm with you when it comes to the whole prescription drugs thing, that would solve a lot of problems buddy.

  2. I am going to rant now.
    Some people try to throw "recession" and "sep 11" as an excuse to cheat, spy, and lie in resume and to grow marijuana under the basement. Come on!
    Dont they think that serial killers didnt have an excuse?
    And employers using the same excuse too to can ask potential employees to take polygraph, and facebook to share all their wall messages and scanning their tweets. Come on! Really? Really?

    About cheating, so the Korean supernote thing was not outsourced, was it brought back to US? oh, Italy outsourced to US? Whatever, I dont think I would ever go to Italy, maybe to Vatican and confess and donate the counterfeit ones for counterfeit sins?

    And steal, you said Cuba. why do you call this a news?

    Home Depot or TSA or security scanning? Why were the scanning the other store bought products? I am going to leave all my booze and weed in car before I go to homedepot to buy ingredients to make italian football or bong. And love your solution too. :)

  3. maybe you can just be focusing on your job hunt, and not have to worry about everyone else for now...

  4. They really need to stop making medicine so expensive anyway. It would solve a lot of problems. But that would be, well, decent.

  5. Good luck on the job hunt, and I do agree!

  6. Well, at least you've got a couple of solutions. Now.. just find a better one for you maybe?

  7. Cheaper medication will fix part of the problem. We have grown dependent on medication. One pill has side effects that require other medication to control. We are prescribed something for everything.

  8. Very nice and interesting stuff, dude!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. This reminds me of that news video floating around youtube of a proven cancer treatment that won't get ANY kind of funding because it literally costs pennies to manufacturer and no drug company can make money off of it.

    Don't know 100% if it's true or not, but it's sad that it definitely SOUNDS like it could be true.

    1. I actually read about that m'self a couple days back. It's also a proven thing that there ARE cures for certain types of cancer and for AIDS of all things (though only if you catch it in the first stage), yet said cures get NO media support or even admission they exist simply because they're not as marketable as other curatives that cost more for the consumer and makes more money.

      And that's what it boils down to, doesn't it? Makin' that green at the cost of others' physical ailments.

      Bah, I'm not even gonna get started on this can of worms...:/

  10. It'd be nice if the bastards who cheated the rules would get what's coming for them. I don't see it happening anytime soon though.

  11. The only Scott Thompson I had ever heard of was the guy in "Kids in the Hall." Oh yeah..and that utility infielder for the Cubs back in the way early 80's. Anyway, Scott deserves the worst. I am sure whatever he did is not worth $27 million anyway. Google is run by robots and beating yahoo. Just replace Scott with a 2XL robot or a Teddy Ruxpin.

  12. I always try to go the honest route

  13. Omg, that's crazy!!! It makes me angry because of all the hard working people out there that have bare minimum. I do believe that in the end honesty always wins. These people will get what's coming to them.