Monday, September 3, 2012


I am on the hunt for a place to call home.  I do not have a lot of money.  What I do have is creativity and burning desire to own, not rent, but own my own place to live.  

I have thought about a house boat but a lot of other people have had the same thought and while it might be possible to rent a slip/ mooring* that would be less expensive than an apartment, I have heard some really awful stories about the upkeep costs for owning a boat.  Plus, the difficulties in maintaining a first world lifestyle aboard a boat are fairly significant from what I can imagine, i.e. how does one shower in fresh water when the marina is icky, do boats even have showers, where does the stuff go when the toilet flushes, etc.  I would have the pride that comes along with actually owning something in the boat.

My previously secret weapon in the struggle of the middle class is the website, which provides consistently good information aimed at consumers trying to do their best in navigating the complexities of the current world in which we live.  This post contains the following thought provoking passage regarding the future of now empty retail space available all across the United States: 
Could they [empty retail stores] become the suburban version of the factory loft apartment? We've seen old schools, churches and office buildings turned into condos and hotels, but we expect the whole lack-of-windows thing might be a roadblock to converting an old Borders into deluxe living quarters.
Maybe they should be converted into paintball arenas? 

While I like the suggestion of transforming empty retail spaces into paintball arenas because it suggests that someone or several people would be able to make money from otherwise unused space, I would like to see it go farther.  How about space for an interactive experience with live actors that takes place in the warehouse?  What about such an experience that involves a digital element with players using their smartphones to interact with the game and keep score against other players?

Showering on the go:

If you don't have a shower, you might try using Witch Hazel.  Pour some Witch Hazel over a washcloth while nude or semi nude in the relative privacy of a bathroom and rub all over your body.  Hopefully, you should feel a little bit cleaner by the time you are done.  Also, you might consider bringing a small bottle of shampoo to wash your hair in a bathroom sink. 

*I don't know what the exact nautical term for a boat parking spot is, which might indicate that I am not in the best position to actually own a boat.


  1. Don't do the boat thing. It has its up sides but it's either extremely costly or extremely time consuming.

    It'd be really cool if abandoned buildings were turned into amazing forms of entertainment.. well you've got the idea. Go make it happen!

  2. I think only enthusiasts should own boats because they really are so expensive to maintain.

  3. hope you find a place soon. :)

  4. House boats are expensive to maintain? That's just sad :( I like the idea of living on one. You don't need windows with security cameras and UV lights really. But the world does need more Laser Quests.

  5. I'm with everyone else on the boat thing man although I'd love for it to work out for you though and for you to get a place. Hopefully you find a place that your satisfied with soon though man, even something like a simple normal flat of some kind even would be great.

  6. If you want to own your own place, let me suggest you DON'T own a trailer. Mobile homes depreciate in value and they get small like real quick! The insulation in them sucks so the air is constantly running in the summer and the furnace runs non-stop in the winter!

  7. Thanks for following my blog. I was offered a transfer back to southern CA where my brothers and sisters live but had to turn it down. What I'm able to own in the Great Central Valley is twice as much as what I'd own down there. Maybe you are looking in the wrong place? Witch Hazel is a great idea for cleaning up - thanks for the reminder.