Saturday, September 1, 2012


There I was scrolling down the endless list of things that make me happy on the This Isn't Happiness site when this amazingly instructive series of photos hit me like a ton of bricks.  I've been doing it wrong my whole life.  I could have been enjoying frosting with every bite of my cupcake.  Now I just need to convince someone to bake me cupcakes.

Update: This is certainly weird but this post somehow showed up as posted on 9/1/12 instead of as a draft to be published once I finished pulling together a few more of food related notes from around the innerwebs on the last week of September which is when I found the link above.  I'm sure it wasn't operator error.  In any event, here is a little more food related goodness I found online. - used candy bar wrappers turn from trash to items of historic value if you give them 70 years.  I enjoyed looking at a Butterfinger bar wrapper from the 1930s that advertises it as costing only one penny.

Continuing the food theme, here is another from This Isn't Happiness that caught my eye.

Basket weave the bacon as buzz feed suggests in your BLT like this:
The Right Way to Make a BLT:
It looks like you have to bake your bacon
to make this one work


  1. Oh God it all makes sense could I have been so foolish? I need to learn to make cupcakes to make up for all the lost years.

  2. ... I didn't think I'd actually be impressed, but I am. Wow.

  3. I won't lie, this is absolute genius. I eat cupcakes on a regular basis and I've got to eat the next one like this.