Monday, September 17, 2012

San Diego Upgrades

San Diego is Getting a New Central Library

While I would rather see the hours lengthened and the buildings improved or expanded at existing branch libraries throughout San Diego, I am excited to see the dome of the new Central San Diego library going into place.

San Diego gets good dome

Here is a look at the courtyard garden:

I Want to Read There!

Here you can take a live look at the construction of the new library.  How exciting!

The new library has a lot of competition from other recently constructed downtown libraries in other major U.S. cities.  The Seattle downtown library has its own TED talk for goodness sake!

I Really Hope the San Diego Library 
Turns Out This Well

Here is the link to the official web site for the new San Diego Central Library.

San Diego's Balboa Park Renovation

As you can see in this artist's rendering, Balboa Park will
look exactly the same except that you won't be able to drive
through it anymore and they will charge you for parking 
underneath it - civic progress!

Plaza de Panama - is the name of a renovation project scheduled to move forward over the next several years that will significantly alter San Diego's Balboa Park.  You can read a lot about the upgrade on the official website for the project here.  The city of San Diego is certainly on board with the renovation as you can see from reading this glowing endorsement of the project.  What the city does not describe in their Fact Sheet that I would really like to know is who gets the money from the paid parking that will be added to Balboa Park.  To my way of thinking the city of San Diego should have held out for free parking to be part of this project so that all San Diegans can enjoy Balboa Park rather than agree to have someone build a way to print money by charging people to visit Balboa Park, which is one of the highlights of San Diego.


  1. The library product definitely sounds like a great idea and while the Balboa Park idea is a little sketchy I guess it's good to renovate and change things, thanks so much for sharing this news about your city dude, San Diego seems like an interesting place with an innovative government, hopefully the Balboa Park project turns out into something that isn't just money making scheme and things will be sorted out so it'll be free.

  2. I'm always glad when things like libraries and parks get made and redone so yay :D

  3. The project their going through on that park is something they wanna do over here- to a whole city. No driving. I don't even know how the businesses are gonna handle it.

    1. By hiring only local people rather than relying on commuters all the time? At least it's in my experience that most businesses would rather employees from EVERY OTHER CITY other than the one they're stationed in...and I have waxed loud and nasty about that one in various city councils, mostly in the ones where I'm jumbled in with the "keep this city for our citizens" crowd.

      The idea of a city planned around anything OTHER than the automobile industry? Holy crap yes please.

  4. This renovation is awesome. I hope it catches on across the country!