Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Video

What Halloween party would be complete without a pumpkin keg?

A pumpkin without a liquid center is like a 

Here is the link to the full article that includes a video on making a pumpkin keg.  Now, I really want to throw a Halloween party just to have an excuse to make a pumpkin keg.  Also, next summer I want to make myself a watermelon keg.

I would ditch the jar in favor of an actual drinking
glass or cup, of course.

Continuing the Halloween Festivities

A super slow motion video of pumpkins being smashed:

Notes on MoviePass Service

Below is the actual first paragraph of the MoviePass Terms of Service page:

MoviePass® makes all attempts to provide unlimited access to films in theaters nationally. However the time and locations for movies may vary depending on theater inventory, usage, and showtime availability. It is not until the User displays the Certificate print out at the theater, that the seat will be reserved and confirmed for the title and showtime selected. If the title and showtime the User wants to see is not available, MoviePass® will not be held responsible.

What would this read like if we were to substitute a Ford Xenophobe, a vehicle I just made up, for the product MoviePass  is selling:

Ford Motor Company makes all attempts to provide unlimited access to the steering wheel of all the cars we sell national wide to the rightful owners of those vehicles. However the time and locations you may access the interior of your car may vary depending on other people's usage of your car, which you have no control over, and the times when your vehicle is in functional condition, which varies. It is not until the owner attempts to use their keys to open their new Xenophobe, that their use of the car will be reserved and confirmed. If the interior of the vehicle is not available for any reason, Ford will not be held responsible.
The last sentence of this paragraph about the MoviePass product is what bothers me the most because it says that if you cannot use their product the company that sold you the product "will not be held responsible".  Also, it's weird that the U.S. trademark office has issued four trademarks to services all calling themselves "MoviePass".  Unless I'm missing something there is no list on the MoviePass website that lists what movies are available for use with theI call B.S. on MoviePass.

Pro-tip: There is an infinite amount of junk for you to spend money on.

TL;DR: Just a reminder that if you throw or attend a Halloween party you might remember to bring a pumpkin keg into the mix.


  1. Well Moviepass, and a lot of things, are a load of B.S. A pumpkin keg would not be. It even adds a touch of pumpkin to the booze inside. Which is awesome.

  2. This is so cool man, I'd love to have a pumpkin keg this Halloween haha!

  3. Pumpkin keg looks awesome. would work really well for this Pumpkin Spice draft I was gonna try the other day..

    Also lol, Smashing Pumpkins.