Friday, October 26, 2012

Windows 8 Drops in the Middle of My Month of Halloween Horror

Windows 8 is officially available for purchase starting today... from... here, I think.  At the time I setup this link to the official Microsoft Windows website, I found I would need a PhD in Microsoft to determine how much money they want me to give them to get my hands on a copy of the operating system.  Seriously, all I want to know is how much this thing costs and where I should send the money.  You try looking at this page and telling me how much the product they are selling will cost me:

Psych Wards are Full of People 
Who Have Been Driven Mad by this Website

Topics covered by Microsoft employees before creating the page above:
  • We want to tell people that Windows 8 will be release on October 26.  Good.
  • It's critical that people know Windows 8 will be "Serious. Fun."  This is essential.
  • Include the phrase "And more" because people should be aware that our product will do more than what we are able to explain using words, pictures and video.
  • Finally, as we are all aware, offering a new version of the best selling computer operating system in the history of the world is best conveyed by the image of a man holding up a child who is sucking on a lollipop.  Put that front and center on the site.
Topics not covered during this meeting:
  • Screen captures of the actual product
  • Displaying the price of the new product
  • The competition has a much better page that describes their latest os

I've written about my experience using the pre-release copy of Windows 8 I snagged several months ago here.

Oh and I am impressed by the fact that Microsoft is offering these new computer/ tablet things that run Windows 8:

Someone should have told the graphic designer to adjust
the hue/ saturation slider before going to publication
with the image above.


  1. I agree with you on the last photo because it does seem really odd, great post Thomas, I can't wait to hear how Windows 8 turns out, it sounds like it's going to be awesome!

  2. Well it's as simple as this. No price tag means it's expensive, and no pictures means it is, or at least looks, shit, and isn't worth your time or your money.

  3. that child isn't a model, he's microsoft property and kind of forced into these kind of deals. poor kid.

  4. i don't know how much is it, and i don't care, i will wait until someone tries it at tells me if it's good... some one like YOU!

  5. It's good marketing. Sure, there's the people that want details.. but there's mostly people that want something pretty telling them to buy it.