Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Awesome Things to Inspire You

Instructions for interacting with this post:
  1. Either read or look at the pictures below
  2. Get inspired
  3. Create something
Look out Guatemala, just seeing this bag makes me want to invade a small country.
Can I get one with more pouches?

I bet this next awesome thing is heavy especially with that many books on it.  Also, I wonder if the shelf for each state contains only books that relate to that state.  Learn more about this awesome American bookshelf here.
Wooden bookshelf in the form of the USA map
What is that landmass extending from the east coast of Florida?

This image from here has inspired me to create a similar series of images of items available for purchase and where they can be purchased from depicting what can be purchased to make for an awesome party/ experience.  If I get more followers on this blog, and if you're good, I'll publish them here.

The topics to be covered will be:
  • Diamonds and Denim
  • Pimp and Ho
  • Unicorns and... something rhymes with or is appropriate to go along with unicorns
  • High Class and Hobo
  • Favorite Movie Character

This Post is Now Halloween Themed

Finally, Nathan took his love of Tetris and added it to everyone's love of jack-o-lanterns resulting in the first (that I am aware of) game of Tetris inside a pumpkin. Behold:

 This Post is Now Even More Halloween Themed!

Way to go Nathan!


  1. I think I love the bag the most. The bookcase is pretty damn awesome though.

  2. I adore the bookcase man! I mean these are all great but that bookcase is just extraordinary and if I had a big house and a good bit of money that'd be taking centre piece in one of the rooms.

  3. Yay...there is something good about Kansas...it csn hold a lot of books.

    I would say your post is very Halloweeny themed. I am eagerly looking forward to some of your other topics. Interesting list esp. Pimp and Ho

  4. I want a bookshelf like that. Some day when I have a huge house. And it'll be an entire atlas, not just the US. Yeah. Badass idea.

  5. inspirational pictures with new ideas
    like the bookshelf