Friday, November 16, 2012

Election Fallout

Elizabeth Warren is now a member of the United States Senate.  "You took on the Wall Street banks and the powerful interests and let them know, you want a Senator who will ALWAYS fight for the middle class." writes Senator Warren on her blog.  Hopefully, she will spend the next six years fighting for the middle class.

Here is a video that provides her back story:

The next big hurdle for Elizabeth Warren is to find a way to get herself into the powerful and influential circles among her ninety-nine new colleagues in the senate and the 435 members of the House so that she can quickly introduce and secure passage of legislation that will help the middle class.

Straight from the official Senate web site, here are the committees in the United States Senate:


Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry 
Armed Services 
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Commerce, Science, and Transportation 
Energy and Natural Resources 
Environment and Public Works 
Foreign Relations 
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions 
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 
Rules and Administration 
Small Business and Entrepreneurship 
Veterans' Affairs 

Special, Select, and Other 
Indian Affairs 
Select Committee on Ethics 
Select Committee on Intelligence 
Special Committee on Aging 

Joint Committee on Printing 
Joint Committee on Taxation 
Joint Committee on the Library 
Joint Economic Committee 

Now let's see if Senator Warren can get herself onto the Banking, Housing, and Urban AffairsBudget or Finance committee.

Joe Donnelly got himself a promotion from the House of Representatives to the United States Senate.  Here is his website.  I find the comparison between Senator Donnelly's web site and Senator Warren's web site to be revealing in terms of how enthusiastic each individual is about the prospect of serving in the United State Senate for the next six years.


  1. I've heard some buzz about Warren but I didn't know much about her. I hope she can be what people expect and want her to be.

  2. This is interesting stuff buddy, hopefully Warren does a good job although from seeing this I'm not 100% sure yet.

  3. Politicians are quick to make promises like this to get elected. I only hope she keeps with it and does what she says she plans to do. I'm fairly optimistic.