Friday, November 2, 2012

Cheers and Jeers


For Those of You Who Take the Time to Love Your Leather
Cheers for this video and this link that explain the basics of caring for leather shoes:

Here and here are two more resources that I vouch for that explain about leather care.

To You Who Take the Time to be a Little Clever With Your Responses to Parties

Go ahead and toss in a reference to Cole Porter's ultra-famous song when you reply in the negative to an invitation.  Learn more here.

To You Cabin Dwellers

Thank you for sharing some photos of your shacks here.

Jeers - either get substantially better content or get off my internet!  I have had enough bad experiences with that I will no longer visit the site.


Jeers to anyone who does not include their full name and contact information in the signature portion of the emails that they send.  I know that you think you are special.  You are not.  You make it difficult for me to keep track of who you are and how to get in touch with you.  

If you are one of the sadistic people who signs your email "Peace, Joey" or "-Joe" or "J" stop it.  Right now I want you to take five minutes and setup the signature portion of your email to read as follows:

First Name Last Name
Title (if any)

Company or Organization
Physical Address
City, State, Zip Code

T: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
F: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

[Brief statement about your business, inspirational quote, statement about delivery to the wrong person, or other personal touch]

From now on your emails should looks like this:


I just want to say that you are doing a great job!

Also, I will be attending the conference you are working so hard to arrange on March 20, 2013 with Jane Doe from my office.



Joe Smith

Any Company, Inc.
123 Any St.
New York, NY 10000

T: (212) 123-4567
F: (212) 123-4568

Every company should do what I'm doing right now!

Jeers to People Who Do Not Listen When You Talk

A recent conversation recorded nearly verbatim from my place of employment:

H-: We should hire a new person.
S-: I agree.
Roger (me): I agree because we have a lot that needs to be done and it is distracting H- and I from what we should be doing.
Big Boss: Alright.  Do it.
D-: I think it's important to make sure that the new person has something to do.
H-: Trust me we have lots of things for that person to do (laughs).
Me: Agreed.

-- Time passes as the conversation moves on to another topic before the new person to be hired gets mentioned again and this happens --

D-: I just think that if we bring someone in here we should really have something for that person to do.
H-: Even just helping Roger and I to avoid being interrupted would be good.  If the person wanted to read a book the rest of the time it would still be a big help to both of us.

--- Conversation moves to another topic and eventually the meeting ends ---

Later that day, D- approaches me and suggests that if we hire someone new they should be given something to do.  

I am not making any of this up.


  1. On the Cheers side...those cabins are really cool. I love looking at all types of housing but the charm of cabins is hard to beat.

    On the Jeers side...totally agree with you about talking to people who don't listen/hear what you say.

    But now I am feeling guilty about just signing my name as Cheryl P.

  2. I love the cheers bit about cabins haha, I would love to be a cabin dweller too so these photos are so damn awesome. The jeers bit is so true too, I really hate people who don't listen with a burning passion. I seriously love this concept of cheers and jeers too. It's great to see you've been posting more recently as well buddy, you're now 26 posts off your target of 100 posts this year and honestly I can see you achieving it now!

  3. a good pair of leather dress shoes can last years if taken cared for. :)

  4. if taken care then can last for many years

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