Monday, November 26, 2012

Update: San Diego Gets a New Library

New San Diego Central Library

Recently, I checked in on the construction of the new San Diego Central Library and took the following photos of our soon to open gray concrete library that comes with a dome, which will offer those inside a view of the Coronado Bay Bridge:

Apparently, it will be very close to the San Diego Trolley

What library would be complete without a dome?

Can we get one with more gray colored concrete? 

 America seems like a very generic destination
for a trolley that runs exclusively inside
the United States


  1. Thanks for the update man, it's great to see that this is coming along so nicely, great post!

  2. It seems that color is all the rage in urban developments. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Einstein's brain wasn't concrete grey when extracted.

  3. library dome = best dome. yes I meant for that to sound dirty.

  4. The dome almost seems wasted with all that boring gray concrete. It is a nice contrast with the red trolley, I guess.