Friday, December 28, 2012

Conquer 2013

This year I will become conversationally fluent and able to read Spanish. The phrases I intend to learn to say in Spanish as quickly as possible are:
  • I do not speak Spanish.
  • I do not know what I'm saying.
  • Can you please pick up the check? 
Here are some resources for learning a new language:


  1. It is now confirmed....I am a moron. I took 3 years of French and never became conversational. I could read it fine.

    I have lived in both Texas and Arizonia among a lot of Spanish speaking people and I know fewer than 5 fragmented sentences.

    I married a Dutch man (although to be fair he never speaks Dutch)...but I can't decifer if his family is talking smack about me. I am pretty sure they are. If nothing else, I really should find out what the Dutch word for bitch is.

  2. The last four are so difficult to understand so I'd love to give a try with some of the lesser languages, I'd like to learn Spanish too, seems like it'd be worthwhile knowing at least.