Monday, January 21, 2013

Master of Tasks

  • "Keep two lists: Outlook stores your master task list; your daily to-do list goes on paper. Always enter a task onto a master task list first.
  • Label your tasks: It's important that every task on your master task list has a category and due date, two keys for determining priorities.
  • Make your daily list: Check your Outlook Master Task List and choose 3-5 tasks you absolutely MUST get done today. Then choose another 3-5 you'd LIKE to get done.
  • Prioritize: Order the tasks by importance, taking into account deadlines and amount of impact on the categories in your life like work, home, family, or specific projects.
  • Write it down: Put your daily list on paper, making sure you set clear-cut descriptions that will motivate you to get tasks done."
"Based on the Eisenhower matrix by former US President Eisenhower, the webapp and mobile app help you identify which tasks to do now, schedule for later, delegate, or not at all.
If you're familiar with time management systems, you've probably seen this matrix before. Essentially, you add tasks into quadrants based on whether they're important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent. Something that's both urgent and important should be added to the top left box to be done right away. "

10. Use photos as labels — and not just for kids toys! Try snapping a pic of the contents of a box before storing it in the garage or basement, then use that photo to label the outside. A quick glance at the photo and you'll instantly know what's inside.

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  1. This is great advice buddy, thanks for sharing this for us man. Prioritising is some very good advice as well, it's always important to make sure that we concentrate on what's important and what's not.