Monday, January 21, 2013

Lindsey Wixson

I present Lindsey Wixson, my latest female infatuation.  Lindsey is 18 years old, works as a model and, given her looks, I think that is a wise career decision.

Here is the photo with her lipstick done just slightly less than all the way across her lips that convinced me to look up more about her:


Lindsey Wixson backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013 during PFW, September 29th
Via the What Would Kiki Wear Tumblr

Ladies, I realize that it takes more time to pull off this look when applying lipstick in the manner above but if you're looking to convince those around you that they are missing out if they are not kissing those lips, you might want to seriously consider this look.

Lindsey Wixson was part of the recent Louis Vutton Spring and Summer 2013 fashion show.  Below is the video of this event, which includes something I have never seen in a fashion show below (not surprising since I do not frequent such events or even watch them on the internet before I found Lindsey) four escalators:

 Lindsey is the Pretty One with White Skin

 Even more Lindsey Wixson via the recent updates section of

The camera is a little to your left.
You're other left.
Forget it, I'm just going to take the picture.


  1. Why did you have to share this absolute babe today man, now I'm certain to be obsessed with her too, she is just wow! In all seriousness thanks for sharing her because she is gorgeous, like you say modelling was definitely a good decision for her at least.

  2. She's quite the beauty! I heard about this fashion show- pretty novel idea!

    Holly Foxen Wells

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  4. beautiful...just be wary of that insidious Lindsey Wixson catfish that's goin' 'round...