Saturday, January 19, 2013

Watch this Evening

Ford released this video of their new concept truck, the Atlas:

Who Cares about Gas Mileage?

Here is a video of a new technology, which might actually become available at some point inn the future:

Here is a place where one can read more about 
this technology

I was surprised to read the following sentence in this recently published article by the New York Times, "French forces still march every year down the Champs-Élysées on Bastille Day, a military celebration unparalleled in the West."  I was not previously aware that the French were in the business of marching their troops down the most iconic street in their country (and one of the most iconic streets in the entire world)?  While I don't possess the necessary attention span to watch the entire video, I do think it is worth watching parts of the following video:

I was previously aware that "France has nuclear weapons and is the only country, other than the United States, with a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier", which was mentioned in the same article.

Note to self: you should have a drive in the cloud somewhere that contains all of the software and customization you need for your computer.

I think my cool points might be running low because this blog has actually lost two readers since last I checked on the number of followers.

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  1. This is so cool man, in all honesty I'd love to own this car. I'm sorry you've lost followers though, you are cool in my eyes, maybe they just find you don't write enough.