Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not Cool North Korea

On Thursday, March 7, North Korea threatens nuclear attack the United States of America and South Korea.  Guess what?  They get hit with sanctions within hours in a 15 to 0 vote at the United Nations.  China, the biggest supporter of North Korea, even helped write the U.N. sanctions against the North Koreans!

On March 7, 2013 the rest of the world officially, and in writing, said this to North Korea:

At least a crudely drawn extended middle finger is what I imagine the official resolution from the United Nations said.  I tried to look at the document to find out what specifically North Korea is no longer allowed to import after reading that the blacklist of items has been increased in this resolution.  Unfortunately, the official United Nations page only lists the following instead of the actual text of the resolution:

How ironic that the North Koreans can't import
more things I'm not allowed to know about
and, if my understanding of the word embargo
is correct, I'm not allowed to import the announcement.   

Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself.

I heard on NBC's Night News broadcast of March 7, 2013 that the items that the world has told the North Koreans they can no longer import includes luxury items, a move aimed at annoying the elite in North Korea.  In other words, Kim Jong-un would no longer be allowed to roll around in fancy cars, yachts, or wear designer items.  So when a country with nuclear weapons threatens to fire them at Washington, D.C., our reaction is to take away their Prada and Louis-Vuitton?  I don't think this goes far enough.  I suggest the United States level the entire country of North Korea overnight to send a message about just how unwise it is to threaten nuclear attack on the United States.

Cool New Word of the Day

Claque - a term for a professional applauders.

Example of the word in a sentence: President George W. Bush only spoke publicly in front of his claque because an audience comprised entirely of members of the military have to applaud the statements of their command-in-chief.


  1. Yep, they're boned. Not even their best friend is bailing them out this time.

  2. one-finger signature > giant John Hancock

    claque > clique (brings up bad high-school memories)

  3. It's funny that even China, North Korea's only ally not only voted for the agreement but they co-wrote it, North Korea have got to wise up or there will be consequences for the entire world, we're all screwed if a nuclear war starts.