Friday, March 29, 2013

We're Going on an Adventure, You Guys!

Packing List for Adventurin':

iPad or Other Electronic Gismo that Contains Books
"I like stories with magic powers in them. Either in kingdoms on Earth or on foreign planets. Usually I prefer a girl hero, but not always."  I should really memorize this line from the enchantingly quirky Moonrise Kingdom so that I can respond to people who ask about my reading habits.  

Portable Power for Electronics
While it wouldn't help me since I'm usually near electrical access, I really want to buy and try a BioLite CampStove for those rare times when I am without electrical power.  Heck, I remember there being a blackout in San Diego on the opening day of the NFL season last year.  With this little guy I could have powered some piece of electronics long enough to watch the entire game.  Here is the link to where one can purchase such a device.

Based on looks alone, I want one;
the fact that the BioLite does stuff is just a bonus.

Who doesn't think that expensive electronics, the dirt and grime of being outdoors and open flames shouldn't be combined?

Here is a video review shot in HD:

If my current house hunt does not work out, I may buy land and build my own home relying on one of these things to get me through the sleeping-outdoors-until-I-can-pile-up-enough-stuff-to-have-my-own-indoors period.


  1. This stuff is definitely great equipment for going on a journey man, if you're off on one have a great time my friend.

  2. That looks really cool. I'd probably use that for cooking at home just because it looks so awesome.