Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Entertainment

To mark the new month, my weekend entertainment will consist of military themed entertainment because there is nothing like armies on the march to kick-off the month of March*.  This weekend, I plan to check out an interesting visual history of war on the site.  Below are some images I have found from the 1910s that I find interesting:



Method of wrapping carrier pigeons

The latest in 1910s military scouting technology, the tactical observation tree:
Observation Tree, WWI 1

Stanley Spencer, an artist who is new to me, created the following two paintings of men building the machines of war:

Spencer's other work is also excellent from what little I have seen thus far.  I plan to check out more about him this weekend.

Free Game to Play - No Download Required
The King of the Wood
Windows - Mac - Browser - Linux**
book excerpts by Lee Williams

I played through the first room and believe the game is similar to Blade Runner or Runaway.

Entertainment From Last Weekend

I went to a free screening of Jack the Giant Slayer on Sunday, February 24.  The movie was shown in 3-D, which I did not realize until I arrived at the theater and was told to line up if I did not already own the special glasses.  I really don't like movies in 3-D.  I think the technology distracts from the experience rather than adding to the experience.  In several shots in JtGS there are objects in the foreground that block the action taking place on the screen, i.e. a curtain in one of the tents at the base camp of the bean stalk covers roughly 90% of the screen.  One of the guys sitting behind me correctly pointed out that the movie refused to take itself seriously.

I played the first chapter of the point-and-click adventure I mentioned last Friday.  Having a really good mouse that is capable of clicking multiple times all around the screen quickly is essential in playing this type of game.  I tried to use the trackpad on my netbook and was disappointed with the experience enough that I resorted to referring to the walk through on more than one occasion.  It's a decent game but I was not overly impressed by the artwork and the story was devoid of humor, two things I look for in a good adventure game / time waster.

*Get it?

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  1. Great entertainment as usual man. I have a keen interest in the military so this theme is cool for me.