Monday, January 21, 2013

Lindsey Wixson

I present Lindsey Wixson, my latest female infatuation.  Lindsey is 18 years old, works as a model and, given her looks, I think that is a wise career decision.

Here is the photo with her lipstick done just slightly less than all the way across her lips that convinced me to look up more about her:


Lindsey Wixson backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013 during PFW, September 29th
Via the What Would Kiki Wear Tumblr

Ladies, I realize that it takes more time to pull off this look when applying lipstick in the manner above but if you're looking to convince those around you that they are missing out if they are not kissing those lips, you might want to seriously consider this look.

Lindsey Wixson was part of the recent Louis Vutton Spring and Summer 2013 fashion show.  Below is the video of this event, which includes something I have never seen in a fashion show below (not surprising since I do not frequent such events or even watch them on the internet before I found Lindsey) four escalators:

 Lindsey is the Pretty One with White Skin

 Even more Lindsey Wixson via the recent updates section of

The camera is a little to your left.
You're other left.
Forget it, I'm just going to take the picture.

Master of Tasks

  • "Keep two lists: Outlook stores your master task list; your daily to-do list goes on paper. Always enter a task onto a master task list first.
  • Label your tasks: It's important that every task on your master task list has a category and due date, two keys for determining priorities.
  • Make your daily list: Check your Outlook Master Task List and choose 3-5 tasks you absolutely MUST get done today. Then choose another 3-5 you'd LIKE to get done.
  • Prioritize: Order the tasks by importance, taking into account deadlines and amount of impact on the categories in your life like work, home, family, or specific projects.
  • Write it down: Put your daily list on paper, making sure you set clear-cut descriptions that will motivate you to get tasks done."
"Based on the Eisenhower matrix by former US President Eisenhower, the webapp and mobile app help you identify which tasks to do now, schedule for later, delegate, or not at all.
If you're familiar with time management systems, you've probably seen this matrix before. Essentially, you add tasks into quadrants based on whether they're important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent. Something that's both urgent and important should be added to the top left box to be done right away. "

10. Use photos as labels — and not just for kids toys! Try snapping a pic of the contents of a box before storing it in the garage or basement, then use that photo to label the outside. A quick glance at the photo and you'll instantly know what's inside.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Watch this Evening

Ford released this video of their new concept truck, the Atlas:

Who Cares about Gas Mileage?

Here is a video of a new technology, which might actually become available at some point inn the future:

Here is a place where one can read more about 
this technology

I was surprised to read the following sentence in this recently published article by the New York Times, "French forces still march every year down the Champs-Élysées on Bastille Day, a military celebration unparalleled in the West."  I was not previously aware that the French were in the business of marching their troops down the most iconic street in their country (and one of the most iconic streets in the entire world)?  While I don't possess the necessary attention span to watch the entire video, I do think it is worth watching parts of the following video:

I was previously aware that "France has nuclear weapons and is the only country, other than the United States, with a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier", which was mentioned in the same article.

Note to self: you should have a drive in the cloud somewhere that contains all of the software and customization you need for your computer.

I think my cool points might be running low because this blog has actually lost two readers since last I checked on the number of followers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pop Quiz Interet Readers

Today, we are going to test your knowledge of foreign (unless you happen to live in any of them) countries and other basic knowledge everyone should be equipped with.  Please leave your answers in the comments section.  If you don't know the answer, please leave your best guess in the comments section.  No fair Googling, folks.

1. How many people live in the Philippines?

2. What is the land mass in either millions of square miles or millions of square kilometers of the Philippines?

3. What is 6 x 8?

4. What is John Fowles famous for?

5. What is the height of the capitol building in Havana, Cuba?
Now, to bring things closer to home, here is my list of the things I am hoping to acquire in 2013:

-A Chest / Trunk - something large and made of wood with solid metal hardware.  I imagine using such a thing as either a coffee table or simply placing it against a wall near the sofa in order to store one or more clean blankets for use in totally masculine snuggling up underneath while movie watching.

- Jacket(s) that would look good with both jeans and dress pants
-A Toolchest - the anarchists tool chest (google it) looks like the kind of thing I would be interested in.  I have purchased and have been using more power and hand tools in the last year.  Now is the time that I need to think about a place to store them before I purchase any more.
-One of those trendy leaning storage units I have been seeing so often lately.  Ikea, Restoration Hardware, etc. all seem to offer storage furniture that resembles 1/2 a ladder with three steps/ rungs that are designed to lean against a wall and provide a place to put things.  I like these because they look like they would be easy to move when it comes time for me to pack up my stuff and move it to another place.  

-Coffee Table, which I would appreciate having storage underneath
-A pair of End Tables designed to be the correct height to be placed next to the sofa where I spend a lot of time.  Being able to keep my ice water, coffee, books, magazines, electronics and remote controls within arm's reach would be nice.  
-A wire metal magazine/ newspaper holder designed to keep periodicals visible and available and at close hand. 

-A repair to the sofa.  I frequently sit on a reclining chair, which still looks OK but it is partially broken.  I would like to be able to repair the damage before it gets worse.

- Additional clothing storage.  I have a bureau but I could really use more hanging storage for clothes.
- A charging station for my cell phone that I would actually use.  I was on the receiving end of one of these as a gift a few years ago but it is too tall to be functional, i.e. the wind generated from closing a door too suddenly causes it to tip over when my phone is on the top section (only a slight exaggeration) and has little pockets for things things that have nothing to do with getting me to an from work each day.  What I want is a thing that looks nice, is designed to actually hold the things that I carry with me each day, i.e. my cell phone, wallet, keys, receipts from anything I purchased during the course of the day, loose change and any other little pieces of paper, i.e. notes I have scribbled, coupons, phone numbers of all the beautiful women I frequently interact with (it's plausible!), etc. Ideally this thing would also have room for a charging cord for my cell phone and iStuff, It would be even better if it had two micro USB charging cords and two for iThings connected to a power strip so that I could cut the power being drawn from my house and thus save money on my electric bill with the flick of a button.  The thing should also be designed to house all of these cords out of sight so that I do not have to look at them.  Also, it should be unlike so many of these things I have seen on website across the internet, which look like fire hazards to me.  My electronics tend to run hot and so many of these charging stations do not seem to me to have any way of dealing with heat as it gathers inside of these devices. 

Finally, Entertain Me, Internet!

Here is an article that describes some new slightly obscure TV shows that premier shortly.  I link to this article because the author writes favorably about Lost Girl, a show that I have written about on this blog before.  Based on this article I think I have to check out Continuum.

-TL;DR: Really?  Do I have to scribble images to accompany all of these posts to get people to pay attention and make myself understood?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Three T's of GTD

Since the new year is a time when people tend to think about getting more accomplished, I present the three ingredients people can bring to a group effort in order to get things done (GTD):