Saturday, April 9, 2011


Grotesque: An article about real cannibals:

If your carving room is cool enough you can 
safely cut off hunks of human sushi for up to 72 hours.
After that you'll want to cook the meat throughly
...or so I'm told.


  1. Thanks for the link! I read through, very interesting.. there's all types of people that like these "sort of things" .. i've just never met a person like this as much as i wish i could :P

  2. Man put some freakin' effort into it.
    Erika kicked this subject's lifeless (but tasty, tasty) anus:

  3. That's a bit mean, PryON =[

    Awesome article btw XD

  4. Cannibals disgust me too much to read about it.

  5. Hahahaha, one of the guys got arrested and THAT was what forced them to shut down? lmao, I love how he writes about "The ancient internet" (that's probably a paraphrase). I think we still had dialup back then, so think about it, waiting 30 minutes to connect and load up your cannibal forum.. hahaha, bizzare.

  6. Great, we had a cannibal in Germany not too long ago. It happened in Rothenburg, I think. Did that make international news, by any chance?

  7. "Man put some freakin' effort into it."

    PryON, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to pay attention to what I have to share on this blog.

    Just for the record, I did find this article and schedule this post to run before Erika's very good post on the same subject was published.

    What interests me about this article is how it relates to the sinister motives of so many people that first began publishing on the internet back in its infancy. Years ago I read Bruce Sterling's book The Hacker Crackdown, which details more about this topic. I took two courses on film study during my time at the University and the professor of both spoke of how sort of uncontrolled, realistic and very human the earliest films really were. It wasn't until years later when the Hollywood film studios setup and enforced their own code of morality that mainstream films in America came to be more tame in terms of the topics they covered and especially in their depictions of sexuality, which early on were very frank. Anyway, I find it interesting to reflect on how people first use new forms of communication and how this is often seen as threat to the established order.

    Oh, and if you don't like what I have to share typically you can wait about two days for the next post or just not pay attention at all. Your choice.