Sunday, April 3, 2011

Electrified Sword Fighting, A Chalkboard in Marakesh and Why I Won't be Dealing with Anymore

Electrified sword fighting:

Thank you Internet!
Do want:
Somehow the manufacturer is correct in labeling these handmade containers as both retro and modern:
Reminds me of the labels for the chips at Chipotle

I see chalkboards:

Both of the above are from Sarah

I think these workstation pod things are painted in chalkboard paint.  
You can judge for yourself here.

Bob Parsons, CEO of, is a Total Dick:

I will be moving all of my domain names from to another registrar as a result of seeing CEO Bob Parsons gleefully kill an elephant.  

Here is the original (graphic) video:

Skip to 2:05 for the shooting
Around 2:30 the butchering begins

If CBS and other mainstream media organizations had not covered this so extensively and included quotes from Parsons I would think this was some terribly conceived promotional stunt.  Unbelievably, the graphic version of the video was actually posted by Parsons on the official site.

I called GoDaddy's 800 number to ask if this was some kind of sick April Fool's joke.  Their rep. assured me that the video is real and that "there is a lot more information posted about this on our website".  I replied that I had read quite a bit of what Parsons had to say and added that I found it offensive.  I said that I was disgusted at ever having done business with to which the rep. replied "Is there anything else I can help you with?" 

George Orwell/ Eric Blair wrote a very good short story on this subject entitled "Shooting an Elephant".  In his account, the elephant poses an immediate danger to human life.  The elephant is in musk and is stampeding through a populated area putting humans in real danger of being trampled. You can read the full text of this very well written and rightfully famous autobiographical account here.

In Parson's case the elephant is endangering the food supply of people and does not pose an immediate threat to human life.  Non-lethal means could have been used to keep the elephants away from the farmer's field.  In other words, Bob Parsons is a big game hunter masquerading as some savior of poor African people.

Alternatives to GoDaddy:
Network Solutions is way too expensive, as you can see if you squint hard enough at the price list below:

TL;DR: Fuck and fuck their CEO Bob Parsons.  Oh and you should watch the less than 30 second long electrified sword fighting video above.


  1. in Soviet Russia, storm troopers have light sabers.

  2. Fuck GoDaddy indeed. I was reading about this yesterday. Disgusting. Damn those prices though for your alternative.... =[

  3. Jay.CA: in soviet russia storm troops you

  4. Haha and they call it "fight of titans" lol!

  5. Having chalkboards all over the place would be awesome. I'd never need a post-it note again!

  6. he. killed the fucking elephant. what a shitty guy

  7. i watched both videos (: the chalkboard paint is sickkk i had a friend who had it i want it. FUCK THAT GUY. little bitch, lets give some elephants some guns and let them shoot at him, fucker.

  8. Awesome article you made :D and videa was nice too

  9. I couldn't agree anymore!
    Keep up the awesome posts!


  10. great post!

  11. i have an interesting idea of what to do with one of those swords and where parsons can stick one...

  12. I am beyond words on Mr. Parsons!!!!!

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  14. I had a godaddy once, didnt much care for it

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