Monday, April 11, 2011

Source of Inspiring Photos

Source of Inspiration:

Photos of the inside of hotels can be incredibly inspiring.  Below are samples:

There are lights made to resemble stars above the indoor pool at 
The Observatory Hotel in Sydney, Australia

The view bar at the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris, France

Two Shots of the Pool at the Sandy Bridge Hotel in St. James, Barbados

Inside a Room at the Four Seasons George V in Paris,
which has a great mural and a cool oversized curtain rod used
to hang drapes around a bed.  Still, I'm not thrilled by the 
I Love Lucy style separate beds.

Ever since the first time I watched Bad Boys II
all I've ever wanted are little angels looking down on me
and now if I stay at this suite at the Four Seasons in 
Florence I can have them.

Looking at these images makes me want to make more money and travel.


  1. oh man, to live like that....

  2. I would love to live in places like that. Two women at my side, cigar, champaign, living richman's life.

  3. Man, look at these places. I would kill for a pool with lights made to imitate the stars. It's sooo unnecessary hahaha

  4. Damn theses are some nice hotels, would love to be able to afford one of these someday.

  5. gorgeous photos >.< so jelly.

  6. That looks nice and fancy! Supa fancy!

  7. This is gorgeous, would be amazing to live somewhere like that.

  8. Quite a contrast from the Hotel Montana on Rue St. Roche when I stayed in Paris in 1977. I crossed out driving an 18 wheeler across the USA and added France to my wish list.

  9. Problem is, most of the times these expectations will get crushed by reality once you get there. I had it happen on multiple occasions.

  10. Those photos are really inspiring !

    Great blog, following (:

  11. all of those make me want to do well in life so they can be mine! cool post! following!