Monday, April 1, 2013

Dirty Girl of the Month

Milani, a top heavy woman, is the official Dirty Girl of April 2013.  I believe all women are beautiful.  Unlike a now disgraced formed tenured professor in the field of physics however I do not believe that a few photos an an elaborate ruse would be enough to get me to fly to South America to meet her.  Here is the link to the New York Times article that features the tale of a lying former tenured professor who got himself tossed into the clink in South America for trying to smuggle coke.  Part of his claim is that he believed he was carrying on an online relationship with this gorgeous, world famous model.  His story, backed by computer and phone records, is that someone pretending to be Milani lured him to South America and asked him to bring a suitcase back to the United States with him because, he believed, she supposedly left her suitcase at the hotel where they were scheduled to meet.  

If you like, I can help clean off that sand.

If you like, I can help clean off those Polka Dots

My Favorite Kind of Honeypot

Not my Favorite Kind of Honeypot
Via Archer Season 1, Episode 5

If you do a quick internet search, you can find even more steamy photos of Milani as well.


  1. I can seriously endorse these photos man, this girl is banging! Love the Archer reference too, proud to say I've watched that show ever since the first episode, great post.

  2. oh she is GLORIOUS. all praises due.