Friday, February 22, 2013

Entertainment this Weekend

In this post I present some things that will keep me entertained this weekend. I also plan to:

Harvest the garlic I planted without wondering why it is that every time I mention that I am growing garlic people have to ask me about my ancestors as if only people from Transylvania grow garlic
Plant more seeds from the awesome seed packets I got for Christmas this year
Hike around Santa Cruz Island, the largest of the Channel Islands
Poke around an abandoned building (man, I want the NFL to come back)
Read a copy of the New York Times from cover to cover
Burn things (in a totally safe, controlled manner, I swear)

YouTube Round Up

Jokes and jokes and
Spaghetti, Spaghetti

The Internet is Filled with Boundless Entertainment
but, honestly, most of it is worthless junk.  I 've only started wading into the sea of content on the See Mike Draw site that brings us the following image and some of the humor is a little too disgusting even for me.  Still, the price is right so I've added this site to my RSS feed.  Enjoy, if you dare.

Video Games to Waste Time With

I enjoy a good point-and-click adventure game.  I realize that this type of game is far from being cutting edge and that most real gamers are probably turned off by this genre.  Still, I enjoy these games in my spare time.  Recently, I came across an adventure game with three episodes called Cover Front, which might keep me entertained this weekend.  I have only just scratched the surface of the third game in the series.  I plan to start playing the first episode this evening and see how long that holds my interest.  Here is the link to the first episode:

I think the whole site where the Cover Front series is located looks like it will be entertaining to check out.

According to the bio of the creator, his game The Submachines is the most popular of his point-and-click creations.

Also, I still have a fondness for Galaga, an arcade game that my Dad and I play every time we come across one of the big wooden towers.  Here is an online  version of the game, which, sadly, moves much faster than the arcade game and is therefore less enjoyable.  Here is another link, which I haven't tried yet.


  1. Enjoy your weekend and cheers for the entertainment as usual mate.

  2. I love reading the NYT cover to cover!