Friday, February 15, 2013

Someday I Want to Live Indoors

It has long been a dream of mine to live in my own home.  I am sick of renting a place to live and throwing away my money each month to help someone else make their mortgage payment.  

I don't think I'm going about this in the most direct manner however because instead of buckling down and reading about homes that I can, with the help of my trusty ski mask, some day hope to live in briefly before being evicted due to a lack of being able to pay the mortgage, I have been spending time looking at unique designer abodes.  Below are some of the custom homes that I have found to be incredibly interesting along with some of my notes.  I hope you enjoy the following building porn.

Overall Look / Exterior

An indoor garden, exposed stone, lots of glass and wood make this a place that I would like to call home.

I really like the built-in storage.

Concrete works for me as a building material.  I also like what I believe are chain link fence and the garden in this home:

I like the hardwood floors, the drapes and the ginormous sofa.  I could do without the irregularly shaped holes in the ceiling and the bathtub surrounded by hardwood floors, especially since it's located right next to a window.

The place doesn't need to be big but I would prefer that it was not a cookie cutter home.

I really like the angles of this cabin and the exposed wood exterior.  I love the twin stone pillars that mark the driveway.

Here is the inside of the same home that shows lots of built-in storage, exposed wood and a gorgeous view of the surrounding forest.  I want to live here!

Check out the exposed stone and the storage available here:

My ideal home should be primarily constructed of concrete, wood and glass with space for green things that grow.  Beyond that the home should have the following rooms:


A copper sink would be cool with me.

Here is one I like the look of:


It doesn't need to be quite this grand

Via - This link has a good collection of library ladders

But it would be cool if it had one of these ladders with a metal railing:


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  1. This is a brilliant idea for a dream home man, absolutely love your ideas there and honestly some day I hope that you manage to get a home like this for yourself.