Monday, April 22, 2013

Dreaming of a Living My Own Home

Instead of actually dealing with realtors and engaging the housing market in a real way, I continue to dream about my ideal abode.  My dream home would include a museum space to showcase the awesome stuff I aquire during the course of my life.


Art Gallery

The gallery would need to have lots of places to sit or lounge to look at the works of art on display and provide views of the garden and the sculptures in the garden.

Sculpture Garden


  1. I like all these ideas buddy, it's safe to say for sure that your dream house is going to have many, many rooms and honestly I like the idea of that as well haha!

  2. Don't forget the library! And a cinema! And every cool house should have a secret passage as well... and maybe a mote too.

  3. I'd love to live in a city like Rapture. Under the sea, tons of glass.


  4. I want a room in my house that's a museum dedicated to my mediocre achievements.

    "And behind this glass casing is the ribbon I got for taking place in my 4th grade track and field. You'll note it says 'participant' because I didn't actually win. Or even come close to winning."