Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend Entertainment


I have a new theory on how to live life to the fullest.  My new theory is called Overproduce to Succeed.  Put simply, the theory is that in order to succeed in life- to make money and be the envy of those around you- you should make it your goal to produce as much quality goods and services as your resources will allow.

I came up with this theory after buying two red beach / outdoor folding chairs from a big box store.  So far the chairs, which are made of metal and some kind of strong synthetic material with a cup holder on the right  arm all of which folds up and fits into a condom like sleeve that comes with a strap to sling the entire thing across your shoulder or carry at your side, have been fantastic for my sitting needs.  I've even loaned these chairs out for a weekend and got compliments on them when they were returned.  After buying these chairs, I noticed that they were available at lots of other stores.  I thought to myself that whoever made these chairs made a heck of a lot of them.  This got me to thinking that farmers who produce lots of corn, lettuce, pigs, chickens or whatever they are farming are probably the guys who are getting rich and setting the market cost of the goods they produce.  All of this led me to the theory that the best thing I can do with my time on earth is to overproduce, build abundance and somehow become wealthy.

This weekend, my plan is to overproduce using each one of the documents available at  Here is a screenshot of the types of materials that one can produce in Google Drive:

That's right, I'm going to make a

  • Document - 
  • Presentation - I'm finally collecting my comedy materials and putting them together in PowerPoint form.  If all goes well, I'll have enough materials to be able to slang for $59.95.  
  • Spreadsheet - a list of the names commonly held by hot girls because everything from a boat to a computer to a car needs a name and they should be good ones
  • Form - A Clean Sheets and Dirty Girls 
  • Drawing - I'm thinking of finding comics and replacing the text with my own writing.  Collecting high resolution (print quality) images of 
  • Lucidchart diagram - 
  • Mind map - all of the stuff I want to build, i.e. a stand for an ipad, a photo frame in the shape of a comic book page to hold photos that have comic book type captions in them, 
  • Script - come to find out that this means the computer coding kind, not the Hollywood better buy this thing kind of script, darn.
I might even make more than one.

Game to Play this Weekend

This weekend I will play this game listed at the address above.  I should be doing my taxes instead.

Hmm. is there really a place the occupy movement can claim similar to this site:

My Desk at Work

I have and use two computers at work.  Neither computer is great and, in fact, one still runs XP slowly and has a broken optical drive.  The other computer runs Windows 7 but it doesn't have much software installed on it.  Here are the reasons why I have and use two computers, two monitors, two keyboards and two mice:

  • When one computer slows down, I immediately hop over to the other computer and start working on it
  • When I encounter a problem on one computer I can test to see if the same problem occurs on the other, which helps a lot in terms of troubleshooting problems
  • One piece of software I use everyday is a resource hog so I basically use one computer exclusively for that purpose

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  1. That game sounds awesome buddy, thanks for sharing as usual mate.