Wednesday, April 3, 2013

House Hunting Part 3

My ideal home would include several of the following elements.


I really enjoy working with computers.  Every time I am using a computer, I'm happy.  Ideally, my home would include an office that has space for a regular desk, a space to stand and type at a comfortable level, a flat unused space to lay out materials for shipping, tinkering, etc.

Like the desks in any one of these locations:

Wood and Metal Shop

Basically, I want the warehouse space from Mythbusters in my home.  the metal bending machine they have is probably my favorite piece of equipment.  Having access to a drill press, table saw, welding equipment, painting supplies and enough space to actually use all of that equipment would thrill me.

Everything looks reasonably neat and organized and there is 
enough space to put it all away

They even have enough room to build a concrete boat


  1. I definitely think that even for me an office would be a good idea for the ideal home buddy so you're right on with that one. Quite achievable too so hopefully your dream home does have one. Same for the wood and metal shop although it's far more common and would obviously be expensive at that.

  2. An office is a must for me, especially as a writer... and yet here I sit on my couch, typing hunched over onto my laptop. What once was a writing room is now my in-law's "junk storage" room. Because it's important that old lighting fixtures and ancient electronics that will never be used again have a permanently place to all hang out.

  3. As much as I'd love having an office, it would quickly either become my second bedroom or my bedroom would become my second office. :(