Friday, April 26, 2013

Laser Weapons

The Iranians bought a bunch of tiny little boat / jets that their military plans to use to encircle larger warships if it ever came to Iran fighting against a naval superpower.  The United States Navy has a decent compliment of defensive weapons on board our warships to deal with enemy ships, specifically a 5 inch gun that can kick out up to 20 rounds a minute and the Phalanx close in weapons system, which is capable of blazing 4,500 rounds of tungsten a minute at an enemy.  The Phalanx can take down jets, boats and even incoming missiles before they reach the hull of the warships on which they are located.  Now, the United States has another weapon that can be used against the Iranian small jet boat things: a freaking laser beam!


  1. This is pretty damn cool buddy, not going to lie, thanks for sharing. Need some Weekend Entertainment on the go too haha!

  2. Until we can fit sharks with these frikkin laser beams and attach them to their foreheads, I am not impressed.