Friday, February 18, 2011

Business Model

Business Model: Offer a preview of the content, you can make a donation here to be allowed access to the rest of the content, allow customers to choose the donation amount with a suggested donation amount of $xx.xx.

Web Design Stuff:
These sites are good graphic design inspiration:

Always include a hhover state
Breadcrumb navigation – This is incredibly helpful for letting users jump between various sections of your website as well as knowing where they are within your site’s structure
  • Site map navigation – This is useful for search engines, but also for your users if they want an overview of all of your site structure.
  • Search options – Even with the best navigation in the world it’s helpful to include a search form. This is the key difference between searching and browsing, and it’s likely that your users will want to do both
Find: Recipes for potatoes, which are cheap, would be good to have

Managerial question to ask: What is the last book you read that relates to your job? Or ask without the job part and think about firing anyone who answers “a children's pop-up book” instead of a Cathie Black's Basic Black or something similar.

Epic Action:

So I'm told: A lapdance is so much better, when the stripper's crying!!

Tip for Better Living:

Check this shit before thinking about living in a new city for any significant amount of time:

Start a mobile business like a G:

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