Thursday, February 24, 2011

Has USA Today Ever Asked You to be Part of a Survey?

Vocabulary Person Whose Writing I Came Across Informs Us That: febrile means "characterized by fever," or by extension, "characterized by a great deal of nervous excitement or energy," which is probably the sense intended in such common collocations as "febrile imagination" or "febrile atmosphere."

Food: Epicurus, and now Google Recipies

Bands to Check Out: Ten Years After, Escape the Fate

Most Important Thought of My Month: When was the last time that you or anyone you know got a call from USA Today asking you to be part of a poll? Ask your friends and neighbors if they have ever gotten a call from USA Today asking them to give you their opinion. The color poll results on the cover of the USA Today "newspaper" are complete bullshit.

*UPDATE: Stephen Colbert's people must be reading this blog because after I had this thought he did a segment blasting USA Today for running the results of a poll on the front page of their paper that found that women preferred men who dressed well over men who had a lot of money, which was conducted by Men's Warehouse.  YouTube it.

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