Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Stuff

Vocabulary Lesson From Someone Else: Today we salute coterminous, an adjective used to characterize things that share a common boundary -- in honor of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the territory of Colorado. The territory was organized in the wake of the Pike's Peak gold rush, which brought considerable white settlement to the area. The territory existed for a bit over 15 years before becoming a state, with boundaries coterminous with the original territory.

Rage: In 2009 it paid no tax … but received a tax refund. And last year the federal government gave Bank of America $2.3 billion.

Self Defense/ Empowerment: You might want to think about what weapons you can legally carry with you in case of emergency:
  • stun guns
  • pepper spray – although I doubt the effectiveness of this as a deteriant
  • laser guided flamethrower
  • Attack dolphin
  • etc.
Create Your own set of arrow brushes from your hand sketched arrows. Do the same for:
  • Robots
  • Plants
  • Faces

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